One eye is under corrected how to choose normalised

My Latest prescription from ophthalmologist is

  • 3.75,-.75 and -3.75,-1cyl
    Current prescription which i am using is
    -3.5,-.75 and -3.75,-1cyl

Differential is -2.75 both eyes with some astigmatism blur in one eye

Since i am using undercorrected glasses in one eye
So i wanted to ask that should i first get new 20/20 glasses and reduce .25 from there
Should i start reducing .25 and get -3.5 ,-.75 -3.5,-1 glasses for normalised

Do you have a few weeks of measurement to blur yet? Both cm for close up and Snellen for distance? each eye, both eyes, morning, evening, rested, tired, daylight, artificial lights? What have you learnt about your eyes so far?

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Yes is is 22.5cm left and 21cm right

If it’s your first normalized don’t mess with your cylinders yet. Just do a couple of diopter reductions to figure out how your eyes respond before doing a cylinder reduction. Otherwise it’s too many focal plane changes at once and you might not make as much progress.

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