One eye sharpens during active focus

Only having the option of lens powers at 0.25 increments, it is very difficult to make both eyes each have the exact edge of blur. My first normalized gave me a farther distance for the right and, while I tried to make both eyes have the same 20/40 distance for my second normalized, it gave my left eye a slightly farther distance. I noticed during active focus that only one eye get sharper while the other one doesn’t. Sometimes, it would be the left eye, and sometimes the right. This is more obvious with my differentials because the normalized gives me a farther distance, making the difference between both eyes smaller.

Am I supposed to be worried about this as I could be rendering one eye useless or is it normal?


I’ve had this same issue. I think it’s normal as the eyes and visual cortex figure out how to clear things, but I’d like to hear other’s experiences and opinions.

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I experience this if I try to clear a big amount of blur (it doesn’t happen much when I AF on slightly blurry objects.) What I usually do, is give the other eye (the one that doesn’t get sharper) more stimulus. I put a finger directly in front of that eye and move it around. Not sure if it’s the motion or the closeup+distance dynamics that helps it AF. Works most of the time for me, not sure if it applies to others! :smiley:


Thank you for sharing your experience! I learned that I can manipulate which eye to sharpen so I’m trying to give each eye equal experience, though having both of them equally sharp rarely happens.

My daughter tried your method,the finger in front
of weaker eye and movig it,her eyes became much sharper in details for far distance.
thanks for that suggestion