One month of endmyopia

Hey jake,

Its been almost a month and have calculated, made log of my centimetre measurements and even the snellen chart as well as you have suggested and also tried active focus, yet there is no improvement in my results.

What now?

Have any idea?

Time for troubleshooting! Have you found active focus? What are your habits? Do you do active focus as if it’s second nature? Have you followed the main concepts and processes of Endmyopia? Have you been challenging yourself with slight blur? At the beginning of the journey, I told myself to give myself at least 4 months to see a 0.25D improvement and I had many doubts along the way. I just needed patience and acceptance to what I eyesight I have currently, and to diligently challenge myself with some blur.

Are you already using differentials? And doing close-up at the edge of blur?

Also in another thread you’ve written that: “Its great that I have enrolled to the course”. If you mean the Back to 20/20 by that you should post questions like this in the “Support” section of the course, because there Jake answers all of them, while here you (most likely) will get answers only from community members.

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Thanks for that

Oh I didnt knew that thing, thanks for that