One month: zero improvements

Hi everyone,

So I started my journey one month ago.

I started with differentials that are 1.25 diopters less strong and dropped 0.5 CYL

I have been following the screen time guidelines (rest every 20min and after 2h take a long break)

And also I have been getting a decent amount of distance vision (around 1h 30min)

The problem is that I have seen literally no improvement

I am thinking the problem may be that my differentials are not strong enough, from where I sit (around 65cm) I find it difficult so see the screen until I move my head closer (which is uncomfortable)

Or maybe I haven’t been practicing active focus enough, I tried but with no luck at the time

Would you guys suggest getting another differentials at 1 diopter less to see completely clear from where I sit at the computer? Or just keep practicing active focus and wait for the first 90 days to go by

I’d definitely increase the differentials! It wasn’t a simple 1.25D drop :wink:
Nothing wrong with trying to drop more especially with first drops, but it’s just the right thing to evaluate actual results and adjust based on experience.

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Going to throw this playlist in here, too. Just in case …


Thanks! I think I watched all of them, but will rewatch the whole playlist just in case!

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Along with the suggestions and answers given, my suggest is focusing on logging your distance and taking note of your activities. This may bring into light some aspects on why you may not be improving as you are hoping. Some people log more than once daily, and also write down their activities with each cm distance. I’m currently trying to bring back the habit of logging my distance to blur as I have just recovered from being ill.

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It sounds like you are off to a great start.
You could move your screen closer or your chair closer if you are struggling with your diffs, it’s an easy quick fix, because in theory you will quickly need to move back again. Once you get that ciliary to release your diffs will feel plenty strong, maybe even too strong. Though to get that release you might need to try a good long stretch without close up, hours if not a few days if you can manage. That first pop is the hardest to get, and but as long as you don’t lock it right back up you should be good from there.
Also maybe you will see a change when you introduce your normalized and can really capitalize on that distance vision.
However this might be your main issue:

This can take time to get but without it you aren’t going to move forward. Maybe this can help A little help with Active Focus - YouTube