Only two months improvement

Before I found the EM, I had worn my old glasses as OD -7.25 (-0.5CYL) OS -6 for almost 5 years. One day this March I went to see a optometrist because I felt my vision was not clear enough. After the test the optometrist told me I need a new pair of glasses as OD -8, I was shocked and immediately refused. After that, I started searching on the web to see if there is one method that is really working to cure my myopia naturally, luckily enough I’m here.

My progress just in two months:
April 8, bought the first differential as OD -4.75, OS -3.75.
April 15, got my first experience of AF, very excited.
May 8, went to see the optometrist, confirmed I can see 20/20 even 20/21 with my old glasses. So I ordered the first normalized as OD -6.25 OS -5 ( I know it was not a wise decision now).
June 5, started to use new differential as OD -4.25 OS -3.25 when reading books.
By now I can easily find AF using my normalized and pretty sure it is fit my vision now.

My experience: 1. As Jake said, our vision improvement will experience from blur to double vision, then to clear. 2. When using distance AF, you need to look at different distance objects to train your cortex response to them.

Thank you, Jake!


Good that you know, you got away with it this once because ciliary release, but in the future more conservative reductions are smarter.

We all know that feeling :smiley: Welcome to the community