Opinions for 17yrold girl

the month of April, she started at both eyes -3, 1cyl, 33cm till blur.
Now, November, she is 74 cm till slight blur but distance vision is still blur.

Presently, she is wearing -2.25 for distance but some blur on the 20/40 line.

Thinking of increasing to -2.50 and ordering diff of -1.25 when I calculate the 74 cm.

I have made her work on her distance by looking far but not too long cause teenagers do not have the patience.to stare long
Any constructive opinions. Yes, i did read and watch the videos

Thanks to all

You did not give the cylinder notation for her starting correction, and although I assume it is minus, it is not safe to make such assumptions. If it was plus notation this changes the picture entirely.

This surprises me - If the cylinder was in minus notation, she was at -4 on the weaker axis, and should have seen signs of blur/ghosting/doubling at 25cm (unless she was over-corrected).

Is there any cylinder in her current distance glasses? Some of the blur may be due to residual astigmatism. This could be corrected for by putting back in some cylinder correction, or adding the spherical equivalent, as you suggest. On the other hand, she might be fine with a fair bit of blur challenge as long as she tries to clear some of it. I personally do not believe that it is necessary to do it for hours on end, and a few times a day has worked for me.

It is very difficult doing this for somebody else’s eyes, so good luck to both of you. :smile:

I should of written the whole prescp.R -3, -1, 005 , L -3, -1, 180

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Thanks for clarifying. Does she still have cylinder correction in her current distance glasses?

We left it alone so it became -2.25, -1 for both eyes.
Thanks for replying and adding your input…much appreciate

That makes it clear. So if you think her current norms are too much of a challenge, the solution might be to add back .25 of spherical correction. Of course, the problem might also be that there is now more cylinder correction than needed, although this is less likely. Astigmatism seems harder to shift. Short of a test lens kit this is hard to figure out. I have never been able to accurately measure my amount of astigmatism from cm distance to astigmatic ghosting and then to overall spherical blur. This reminds me of the decision by @gemilymez to finally ditch her small cylinder correction and finding it improved her vision. Sorry, there is a lot of trial and error involved in the EM journey, but if we don’t do anything too wild we are unlikely to damage our eyes.

I am thinking of doing an eye exam for her since last was done in 2019.
Difficult to find someone who is willing to explore flexibily in what we want.

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74cm and blur on 20/40 using -2.25 with cylinder correction? Something doesn’t add up.

I’m barely 40cm to blur. I’m using -2.25 with no cylinder and see 20/25 almost 20/20. I started with -0.75 cylinder but dropped it. I’m sure an optometrist would add cyd, but I don’t feel the need for it now.

I wish I could help more.

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she can see without glasses 74 cm and cannot see beyond that without her eyeware

A distance to blur of 74cm indicates a need for around -1.35 correction to achieve perfect clarity. If -2.25 correction still presents blur on the snellen chart, then that would indicate that the distance to blur is a lot lower than 74cm. Probably closer to 40cm.

i would like to say it is true, but i test her everyday for distance from slight blur which she can read and her number is 74 cm for the last three weeks. her distance is not there at all. So what we are doing is distance over 20 ft and clear up the slight blur at the same time from the distance

This is indeed confusing, and it MIGHT (a very small chance) indicate that her distance glasses are not correct - either overcorrected or with an incorrect cylinder. The reason why I raise this possibility is because I experienced something similar. My right eye improved so quickly that I was getting better vision with each reduction from the starting point of -3,-1. This pushed me into buying more reductions faster than I had planned, as my right eye was ‘outrunning’ them. I got them in .25 reductions, in both sphere and cylinder, but was down 1.5 D in sphere and .5 D in cylinder in 6 months. Unfortunately this was not the case for my very different left eye, but as your daughter’s eyes are pretty equal, maybe they are both outrunning the reductions. A first move may be getting her some differentials without cylinder correction and seeing how far she can see with them on the Snellen. A pair of 1.25 diffs will not break the bank, and might be worth taking a gamble on. She will be able to use them at some stage of the journey. The measure of ‘legibility with slight blur’ is not good enough to base diopter needs on. . My right eye can easily read the 20/20 line in good light although it is still around -1 with some residual astigmatism difficult to measure. I work at about 75 cm from my small laptop screen without the need for any correction.

Another possibility is that the pupillary distance and/or height is off in her glasses. Did you use the PD from an old prescription or did you have to measure it yourself? PH is difficult to check for and cannot be specified on online purchases, as Denise can confirm. You can get her to lift her glasses up a bit, or push them a little further down her nose to see if either gives her better vision. The PD and PH for all my left (but not right) lenses is slightly off - not all faces are symmetrical.

I think I have run out of possible ‘clues’. :smile: :female_detective: