Optional Coatings: Are they worth it?

I’ve been having great luck so far with Goggles4u and their cheap extra-large frames and the “no coatings” el-cheapo option. The optional coatings I have avoided add up to $25 to the cost of the $5 glasses. Does anybody have experience with the various coatings and whether or not they “do anything” useful? I’m thinking UV is a waste because the polycarbonate lenses block UV anyway, but maybe the anti-reflective coating would do something useful. [But I don’t know about these things.] The sunglasses tints are nice and I do see the value in those.

If you’ve tried coatings from Zenni or Goggles4u or anyone else, please let me know what you think about them.

I think these are very valuable for night driving.

I was excited by what you say about extra-large frames at Googles4U, because I have real difficulty finding temple-pieces online that are long enough for my head. I have a new pair from Xenni with a 145 meansurement, and I still had to heat and bend it before I could wear it. And I find nothing even that large among the “extra-large” on the web site of Google4U. Does anybody here know of an online source for longer temple-pieces?

I hope I didn’t give you false hope. I see on Amazon and ebay that they sell “temple tips” for glasses, which seems to be a silicone or plastic sock that you slide over the old glasses (probably easier with a wire frame.) I don’t know, but I would guess you could extend the arms of your glasses by removing the existing tips and then positioning the sleeve to where it fits best? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Eyeglasses-Acetate-Fiber-Temple-End-Tips-Ear-Sock-Pieces-Tubes-Replacement/

Thank you Bianca for that article. I hadn’t seen it before!

AR (anti-reflective) coatings are almost universally endorsed by people who wear glasses for any significant range of lighting conditions. They are a bargain considering how much glare and odd lighting they cancel out for the wearer. My stock $15 Xennioptical reduction glasses all have AR on them as do all the lenses I have worn for 40+ years


Thanks, Johnn, Seems like everyone agrees the anti-reflective coatings are great. Do you have any thoughts about the “digital screen” coatings?

Thanks. But the link doesn’t work for me. Anyway, an ugly extension of silicon or some such substance on our glasses is just what we four-eyed freaks need to make us look even nerdier! Do they make them in colors to match the plastic pencil thing we wear in our shirt pockets? :rofl: image

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The ebay link is now dead for me too, dammit. I guess the alternative is to pay a surgeon to move the ears forward a little so the glasses fit right. I’ve always been told I have a big head. Maybe they can grind me down to size with lasers or something. :slight_smile: Make me fit!

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The bed of Procrustes. I have a big head too, for a woman, but my ears are not set back that far that ordinary glasses temples don’t fit. Of course, the solution is to get rid of the glasses and not the ears. :laughing:


Some people believe in blue light blocking which I understand the digital screen coating would be.
You should just quit screen at least 30 minutes before bedtime to block blue lights 100% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s a good rant about them

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No thoughts, haven’t tried them, sorry. Swapping 3 pairs of glasses in and out, along with no glasses for some activities is enough variation for me.

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I love the anti-reflective coating. I didn’t get them for my first pair of normalised because I was just going for cheap, and the reflections in them was really annoying. Like having smudged glasses all the time. I always get the anti-reflective coating now.

I have also had the blue light filter coating. Hated it. Especially as someone swapping glasses a lot (diffs/norms). Even if both pair of glasses have it, just that moment between glasses when the world changes colour and looks all blue because your brain has adjusted to compensate for the lower levels of blue light. Then you put the glasses on and for a while it all looks orangey… Maybe if I were putting glasses on my face as soon as I woke up and never taking them off until I am going to sleep… But I wasn’t, and it was really annoying to have the world keep changing colour. Made me feel like I was seeing the world through a screen all the time…ugh. It’s a no from me.

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If you’re looking to reduce blue light on your screen, you could also just install a program like f.lux (Windows/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android/Linux) or Redshift (Linux). I’ve been using them for years to help with my circadian rhythm and prevent eye strain.

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No need for a surgeon. A year of wearing masks has pulled everybody’s ears forward!