Opto confirms Teen's gains!

Went to the opto for an eye checkup :nerd_face:

I couldn’t found my old prescription report but I remembered it measured 1.75LE and 1.25RE on 5th of November 2020
So after almost 7 months results are amazing. Thanks to EndMyopia.
PS: Please f**k auto refractor manhh!


Can anybody suggests me when should I equalize.

Well done. :relaxed:

I asked the opto what happens with the A.R. measurement and she said she didn’t even save those results as the actual measurement is what counts. And this was a typical high street opto. (A.R. measurements seem to lag behind but will change eventually.)

Well done to your opto, too, for not adding cyl and only correcting to 20/20. A semi-friendly one?


Seems to be
Basically I went to a new opto this time.

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I started the journey from around -2D. First pushed for equal corrections at -1.25D, but did the actual work later, I’d say only at around -0.75D. Took me a few steps of back and forth because I took my breaks to enjoy good vision, too.

Further details here (and in my own thread)

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You were -.5 diopter diff before?

Well if we were to follow this opto’s measurements there should be at most a -.25 diopter diff now.

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yes but now it comes down to .25

Hello Bianca,
I am about to start my journey and getting the information from the forum as much as possible before I start it. Can you please share your thread with me?

Here you are:

Hope you find it useful / helpful :relaxed:


Thank you so much. I appreciate it !

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You’re within 0.25 diopters now, if that’s working out maybe try on your next reduction to -1 or if it feels like too much undercorrection on your next step back to -1.25?

It’s hard (for me) to believe there’s a real benefit to you of having a 0.25 difference in correction between the two eyes, especially since it’s spherical only. But only you can tell if it’s helpful to you to have that small difference in correction in your glasses or not.

Congratulations on the optometrist confirmed gains!

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Thinking to reduce and equalize when I am around .75s Hope so most probably this year or the next .
Thanks for your suggestions.

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