Optometrist Caught Creating Myopia

Ok maybe the title here is a bit … bait-ey.

But seriously:

I get the dubious honor of seeing these kinds of initial “prescriptions” all the time.

It’s super frustrating that this is both legal and accepted general practice.

I wrote a bit of a post elaborating on what we all here know of course already: https://endmyopia.org/lens-subscriptions-massive-ridiculous-optometry-scam/

Creating a diopter ratio, making it uncomfortable to take off otherwise meaningless diopter correction glasses. Slowly inducing astigmatism. Literally creating this “condition” out of thin air.

Hospital administrators must be looking on with envy, not being allowed to break your legs during a routine exam, or pre-emptively give you cancer. (ok maybe that’s harsh)

How this is legal, it blows my mind. Especially considering on top of insult and injury, then selling $2 lenses for $200.

It’s a monstrous scam, stealing people’s eyesight and then hugely profiting off it. And somehow, in this must-be-alternate-universe, we’re the weirdos, we’re called unicorm farmers by the mainstream, we’re sitting in the Internet shadows of far fetched conspiracies. All while endlessly pointing at ophthalmology’s own science journals, while endlessly documenting cases of reversing diopter dependence, … anything we’re doing here not just obvious and way more sane than the lens seller scheme?

Must be some kind of cosmic joke. :thinking:


But isn’t this the point? It’s never about “healing” the patient.

So much more profitable than even heart disease and diabetes.

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Sure but who else is allowed to just create the condition themselves - even more poignantly, with the “treatment”? And then the gall and fervor and blind ignorance the optometrists defend their position with, that really sometimes actually gets me. Like … how DUMB would one have to be, in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence …?

It sounds so nutty that I feel like a conspiracy type even saying it.


I am fully with you on this rant. Thank you, ‘helpful’ optometrists throughout my life, for my 3D diopter gap.


Take a look at the pharmaceutical recommendations for example blood pressure. They change the definition of healthy all the time and lower the acceptable range of what needs to be treated by medicine. And then those symptoms that were created by starting the medication need a new drug to treat the new symptom. Cant sleep anymore here take sleeping pills, cant pee anymore or go to often now? No worries we have a pill for that, and heartburn… and on and on and on.
When you never needed a pill to begin with, maybe a diet change or more exercise.
I agree about the optometry side of it but I dont see it as dangerous as pharmaceuticals.


One of the dirty little secrets of the pharmaceutical industry is how many people die each year from legitimately prescribed medication taken per the instructions.

I don’t recall the specifics, but if you sort by cause, it’s in the top five. They usually leave that out of the list, by the way. Unsure why. :crazy_face:



I believe the medical field is the 3rd cause of death. AT least in the US.


I often wonder if it’s even possible to walk out of the optometrist office without a prescription. Has this ever happened?

Based on my visits the optometrist is not actually prescribing 20/20 vision. They are putting you in the dark (the most unrealistic and challenging situation) and asking whether #1 or #2 is more clear. Basically they are forcing you to have “binocular” clear vision. Under those circumstances I doubt anyone would not receive a lens prescription.

It’s just like the guy at the mattress store. He’ll tell you how your entire well being depends on a good nights sleep. He’ll point out all the scientific studies, and he might even twist the truth a bit. Odds are he absolutely believes in the product (at least the part that makes him money). He’s never going to say, “our assessment shows that you shouldn’t buy our mattress. You’ll be fine on your own mattress at home.”

As for other medical checkups, many doctors do send you away from a checkup with a bill of clean health. Perhaps optometrists are not real doctors. :thinking:


Recently read about a case of Munchhausen by proxy. The kid started out perfectly healthy as far as investigators can tell, but Mom kept pushing for treatments, and the doctors gave them, which caused side effects, which required more treatments (which Mom opted for the most drastic form of)… They only figured it out when the child died, and suddenly her other child started getting sick…

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They do send me away with recommendations to try diets that don’t apply to my day-to-day health. I’m rather self-educated about diet, I eat what I eat because it addresses some short-term health issues. My mother ate the recommended diet and still died of cancer complicated by heart disease in her mid sixties, so I’m not a big believer that their diet will extend my life, and I know it will make what years I do have more miserable.

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Maybe, but still… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
“Must be looking on with envy” - this sentence, soo delicious :heavy_heart_exclamation: :yum: :joy:

So sad a lot of us have come to this conclusion. All while I know some doctors. And both of them firmly want to heal the patient. They don’t even see how it’s not about the patient… none of them eye doctors. But still…

There, you’re answering yourself :joy:
Just repeating something often enough…

Pretty much what I was going to reply.
But what if I can’t pee anymore, please? :joy::joy::joy: will they bring me drinks :cup_with_straw: :cocktail:? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I haven’t found any evidence on this - OMG, this question makes me laugh so much :joy::joy::joy:
Has this ever happened? :joy:
It’s kind of sad, but it just makes me laugh… imagine some newspaper: has anyone ever reported walking out without a prescription?

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Ha ha ha a drink would work better than diuretics.
I plan to walk into the optometrist and not get a prescription that’s my 1st plan at 20/20 Ha ha ha it’s going to be great. I’ll just tell the doc move aside and give me the smallest line you got. If he reaches into his pocket I’ll know something is up. Sorry side note …


Given eye dominance, he’ll probably find one eye needs work…