Optometrist: Don't Give Your Kids Glasses

Great post from the Facebook group:

An update about my kids myopia: I took the kids to another optometrist today. He is an old guy whose hands were slightly trembling and he said he is working as an optometrist for the past 50 years or so. I googled a few behavioural optometrists in and around Seattle, US and shortlisted him. I have lined up a few other names if I don’t find him good. As of now, he seems ok, I will see if I need to meet another one, if at all.

He didn’t want to look at the previous prescriptions until his testing is done as he didn’t want to be biased with that information. He doesn’t like to use auto machine to calculate refraction especially for kids. He said that kids tend to not look at far away object and focus on the machine which gives wrong result. He doesn’t like to use drops as he said it tends to give inaccurate results for people with dark iris.

He tested them the old fashioned way, by measuring while shining a light into the eyes while the kid is asked to look at the chart 20 ft away. These are the results he got:

Boy1 :

Right: -0.75 -0.25 180 Left: -1 -0.75 180

His previous prescription on July 18th 2020:

Right: -1.75 -0.75 160 Left: -2.25

According to the doctor, he could read 20/40 and 20/60 with each eye separately and 20/40 with both the eyes. He asked us to not use glasses for him.


Right: -1 -0.25 10 Left: -2.25 -2.25 175

His previous prescription on July 15th 2020:

Right: -5.5 Left: -4

According to the doctor, he could read 20/100 and 20/140 with each eye separately and most of 20/80 with both. But, the doc said he has got a lot of spasm and his diopter reading might not be accurate because he can get a good reading only if the eye doesn’t keep moving rapidly to focus. But, he said it is definitely not above 2.5. He also asked me not to focus much on the astigmatism as he said it tends to vary a lot and goes down once the spasm clears. He was stunned to see his glasses with -5.5 and -4.

He asked us not to give glasses to boy2 as well. He said that boy2 is able to read 20/70 with -0.75 glasses, there is no way he has myopia around 4/5. We will be having a follow-up session about how to proceed and work on a few things for the boys.

Meanwhile, I will continue to do what I have been doing for the past 1 month: No screens, minimal close-up work, lots of outdoor time, play games that need them to look at varied distances, do active focus reading and give them good food.

These guys are out there.

Also highlights my issue with any and all of this type of “care”. You have to be somewhat educated, a bit lucky, and often persistent to find somebody who will give you answers that are worth more than “take this pill, call me in a week”.


This kind of news really cheers me up. An old man with trembling hands, but otherwise really on the ball. Lucky kids!


This makes me so happy. If only I had been so fortunate. And to think I got glasses for -0.75 sph at 9 years old! :sweat: So glad my kids will never have to go through what we all do :slight_smile:


Hey @jakey, I’m not on FB, was the name of the doc given? I’m not too far from that area and would like to look him up.

I’m in the beginnings of a related experiment: if your kids end up nearsighted (a bit), go ahead give them glasses! :slight_smile: As in give them readers (plus lenses, not the usual minus ones) and insist that they use them for near work, but take them off otherwise.

When my 7-year old started showing signs of myopia earlier in the year I did just that, and now she sees very well at distance. I won’t know for sure for a few more years, but early indications are that I’ve helped her avert the “journey through myopia” that I’ve had over the last 35+ years.

Funny how the right intervention at the right time can make a huge difference in one’s life, while the wrong intervention can send you careening down the wrong path.


I … don’t remember. PMing him either way might work. I know, Facebook. :weary:

Almost always works on kids. Technically anyway.