Optometrist recommendations in Toronto, Canada


New here and severe life long myope ready for my road to recovery.

Seeking optometrist recommendations in the Toronto area that will offer the following:

-supportive of the Endmyopia approach
-provide differential prescriptions, reduced prescriptions, etc.
-offers drop-in visits to verify newly finished lenses for prescription accuracy

Thanks in advance!


Hey look it’s Milhouse!

(sorry not from Canada, hope you get an answer :smiley:)

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Maybe you can appoint with J. Yee in NewGen Optical (although don’t recall the title for sure).

He’s also familiar with other myopia reduction method, Ortho C lens therapy.
Although he seems to acсept normalized and differentials, I’m not sure he uses the most modern methods to assess and isn’t familiar with EndMyopia. As well he is pro-Bates a little and has some superstitions about cylinder correction.