Optometrists Admitting They Are Causing Myopia—Worth Watching

Stop Myopia What Causes Nearsightedness and How to Stop Myopia from Getting Worse

Very interesting to watch.
Self proclaimed YouTube “expert” optometrist admitting they are causing myopia.

But what is worse in my mind are all the ignorant and downright dangerous advice they are giving.


Wow. That host “doctor” needs to have his meds levels re-examined. He needs to calm down!

And the guest’s reason for a genetic cause could also apply to language or religion. Children tend to share those with their parents, too, so they must be genetic.


I remember watching this last year or something and being very very angry. They were so condescending as to mix up “myopic defocus” and “hyperopic defocus” and expect we would just be nodding along :pensive: the exact kind of intellectual pretence that I find most off-putting.