Optometrists Preying On Parents

Reposting this from my original over in the FB group:

The ‘diagnosing’ and selling parents stuff for their child’s eyes IS. KILLING. ME.

Or rather, all the e-mails are. Below an example, just imagine that times 20, day in, day out. Atropine drops, selling ortho, finding all kinds of ‘conditions’, and just generally freaking parents out. Plus this claim that cyclo refraction is somehow ruling out pseudomyopia, some next level BS. So much snake oil sales. :snake: :test_tube::moneybag:

Having a child myself, I know the feeling. Not at all approving of all of this fear mongering and potion selling.


I truly feel for sorry for this poor lady and the malpractice run-around she’s getting from her so called “doctors”. But also so glad for her that she found you, Jake!


Point is noted, Jake.

My myopia started exactly like this. End of first year of school, started to have problem seeing the board, diagnosed with -1.5 dioptre. 25 years later I was at -4.0 (and based on the fb group / forum I am fortunate that it was only -4).


It always surprises me how these quacks need no evidence for anything.

When you’re blessed by magic rights from the divine collective’s institutions, anything goes. You can just claim that these or those glasses are best and have to be worn at all times, and if someone asks pesky questions, wave your eye doctor title around until the lowly plebs shut up.


Similar for me. Started at -1.75, which in hindsight was way overkill. Apparently, the issue was accommodative buffer, anyway, as I hardly wore those but still got worse to -3.25 (then started wearing all the time). -5 was my highest. Currently wear -3.50 normalized.


I think since this lady mentioned putting her kid thru extra schooling on weekends we need to not only look at the optometrists but also the culture and lifestyle

It’s not good for us when we’re reprimanded or labeled as misbehaving when we take a few seconds to appreciate the natural world during classes or grow up on stories of how famous historical figures use painful methods to keep themselves awake thru all hours of the night to study


One of the things here really is the key point of her finding endmyopia.

I’ll post a separate bit on this, about current thoughts and efforts as far as becoming more finde-able. It’s a topic I think I’m a bit too close to that really could use some group thoughts:


I know how it is, my first glasses were sold…to my parents by suspecting an underlying disease. Without proving what kind. And I thought I could see pretty well. Of course I took them but then something weird happened. Everybody became an optician, the teachers, friends all made sure I even read with those. Like an ecosystem without my say. There’s a mystery how it starts cos I didn’t read a lot.