Optometry Bullying - Don't Let Them Treat You Disrespectfully!


I get these kinds of e-mails a fair bit. Whenever anyone dares to either ask to know what lenses are loaded in the phoropter, or not be overcorrected, or not get their kids glasses, so often they get really disrespectful interactions from the lens-seller.

Remember, they run a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS selling lenses. They’re not scientists, they’re not trained to understand the myopia inducing effects of myopia, many of them are simply lens sellers. Don’t let them bully you into BUYING things from them.

If anybody treats you disrespectfully or tries to silence you when you have QUESTIONS about the process, just get out of there. You’re the customer, vote with your wallet.


Know these people who can get reeeeally uncomfortable when mistreated by staff, making a scene and stomping out of the shop?

It’s often unreasonable. But there are times when this is exactly the right way to react. :slight_smile:

If the optician makes a mistake here, it results in significant physical harm to Nayana’s daughter. If someone were to try to punch little girls for money, and start shouting when challenged, should you respond by nodding and coyly backing away?

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I have been there too… treated disrespectfully by an optometrist too, just by asking to use her test lens kit instead of my glasses to read the Snellen chart!!!
Simply ridiculous and outrageous.

I think we have to be aware that we are challenging the ‘status quo thinking’ so we are gonna be met with resistance. I still think it’s ridiculous that they have this mentality to distrust their own body so much to think that myopia is a disease, when it’s an adaptation.


Absolutely disgusting. Imagine what her kid’s prescription will be down the road. She actually had the audacity to yell back at the parent to let them know that she has 40+ years of experience??


My optician always starts t’he checking with what I’m wearing, glasses or contacts. I thought he was lazy but now I see it’s the best they can do to know the starting point, and go down or up they always leave It up to customers although they try to give their own advice.

I’ve kinda reached saturation point with problems like this. I have come to the conclusion that you should make the optometrist ‘actually measure’ your vision. Let’s quit guiding them in the wrong direction with our old glasses and previous prescriptions. If you have to, go to a new place without any of your information on file. If you can’t see well enough to get in the door without your glasses, bring a friend! Is this extreme?? YES!! But desperate times call for desperate measures. If you can’t get the optometrist on board, go somewhere else. When all else fails, and you have been guided the wrong way into the blinding light, take your own initiative to learn what you need to know and order from Zenni.com (I have had a lot of success with the latter).

If you are one of the lucky few who has an optometrist that will entertain the idea of vision improvement, them obviously, this does not apply to you… But the rest of us will want their name and location as we may be willing to make the trip!