Optometry Student: We Don’t Give A FUU#%$

This one, from our darling FB group:


That’s ridiculous! And I like that he or she is keeping it secret. Savage! He or she should not worry so much about having to correct everyone to a weak 20/20 (unless the patient requests otherwise)…there are still ways to prevent over correcting people…use them!

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This future EM optometrist can revolutionize the industry…still earm a living counseling on good vision habits and prescribing weaker glasses with each improvement… goes against the grain now but could be the new normal if the industry gets smart with more EM studies and research.


LOL that article about bribed doctors dealing drugs! Noooo, healthcare doesn’t have incentive issues, our glorious regulators have it all in check. :crazy_face:

An optometry student looking for the truth sounds cool though. Could provide a nice inside view of the establishment, and maybe find a few weak spots.