Ordering Glasses

I placed an order with EyebuyDirect and got a response today asking me to send them a copy of my prescription and verify the purpose of the glasses. That’s never happened before. I wonder if it’s because I ordered differentials and normalized at the same time (to save on shipping costs). I guess I’ll have to cancel the order since I don’t have a prescription to send them. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m really disappointed.

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I’ve ordered through Zenni without them asking for a prescription. First a pair when I was new and excited, lol, then two weeks later I ordered normalized and close up together in the same order, no questions asked. They will even add writing to the inside, so I get the prescription of each typed on so I don’t get them confused and I figure it will be useful when the old differentials become new normal. I ordered some contacts through ezcontacts and they wanted to verify a prescription, so I input my most recent optician and they didn’t seem to check, since it wasn’t my last prescription (I ordered the two steps down, as left and right eyes, even though I’m the same in both eyes, to just have the next step on hand.)


Yes, I’ve ordered several times from Zenni without an issue. However, I have found the quality of the glasses from EyebuyDirect to be better than Zenni, especially the frames. I sent a reply saying one pair was for computer work and the other for regular distance and just ignored the request for a prescription, so I will see what happens.



No, this has not happened to me. I ordered at least 16 pairs of glasses from Eyebuydirect, shipped from Shanghai to Germany, no questions asked.

Have they not given any reason? Are there maybe some annoying lobby games going on in Canada? Eyebuydirect should have no interest in making trouble. Maybe if they think you made a mistake? :thinking:

Thanks for the warning. Let’s see how this goes; I hope this won’t become a problem. If you find the time to ask their online support why they do this, I’d be very interested in the answer!

So I sent a reply saying one pair was for computer work and the other was for regular distance vision and I got another email this afternoon saying they needed to know which pair was for computer work. So now I have answered the question and also told them I don’t see the reason for the question since aside from the difference in diopters, the glasses should be identical. Why would they care which is which? If they continue to be annyoying about this I guess I will just not use them anymore, but it’s too bad because I like their frames.

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You know, this probably makes a difference.
Different countries, different regulations. They will know that there aren’t requirements like that in Germany, so you most probably just won’t be bothered (unless someone there makes a mistake).

I think EBD alters the geometry for near work glasses. That is why they ask for each pair whether it’s for distance, intermediate, or reader use. I imagine they adjust optical axis/center according to type of usage.

Not that it should be their problem… the order should have been clear. My personal pairs are all set to distance, so I can re-use my computer glasses as distance glasses, which works fine.

Could be it, if this is about Canadian regulations. Are there such regulations in Canada though? I don’t know, so I wonder if it’s that or if EBD is thinking there’s something wrong with the order.

Keep cool, it’s probably just ‘save your ass’ emails :wink:
There are regulations they have to follow. I don’t know, ask a client in countries ABC for a prescription every 10th order or something. They’ll just want an optician’s name or something so they can document they’ve done their duty and followed regulations. At least, that’s how things are going in my work experience… :wink:
That’s probably all.

@Varakari You are correct about the use question; they have modified the differentials in my order so they are for “intermediate” use instead of distance. But I did not see this as a choice when I was placing the order. The choices were distance, reading, or multifocal. It’s frustrating because, as you say, I would have kept them for future use as distance glasses.

As for Canada having regulations; yes, we do. You cannot buy glasses without a script from an optometrist or opthamologist. But it’s usually not a problem ordering online.

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@Bhampson the intermediate option is kind of hidden, it appears when you click on the non-distance one. It’s a poor user interface.

They could still work for distance, just as distance still works for computer. It depends on your tolerance toward errors with the optical center. They’ll be better for computer use now, so I’m not sure if value is lost overall.

But now I still wonder if regulations were at play here. Sounds more like they were trying to help out, and didn’t understand that you are doing vision improvement.


I’ve ordered several times with EyeBuyDirect, differentials and normalized and that has never happened to me. Maybe chat or call customer service. They are very helpful.


Hang on, so from this I’m understanding – if we mark our differentials as for computer use when we order them (as most retailers ask us to mark orders as distance or computer) that means we can’t use that pair later on for distance?

Once the optician at Costco insisted on reducing the pupillary distance (PD) by 4mm when he saw the prescription marked it as computer glasses. I asked him not because I had planned to use them as normalised too. He didn’t do as I ask and I always got a mild sense of discomfort whenever I wore them for distance. For that reason, I always order on line now and specify my differentials as distance too. I have never had a problem using my full PD for my differentials.

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Thank you for the responses. I have learned something I didn’t know, even though I’ve been in the program for two years. From now on when I place an order I’ll be careful to state they are for distance.


Most people use their distance glasses at the computer and don’t even care; the other way around shouldn’t be that much worse.

Note that the effect scales with lens power. That’s why for myst, who is at very high lens power, it’s an issue. You use -2.5 and weaker, so it won’t matter too much. That’s the nice thing with reducing lens power: the problems of glasses do down along with their power. :grinning:


@Varakari thank you! And thank God for that, or I am wasting a lot of money haha!


Same experience right here ! I’m from France and just got that message today, after ordering yesterday.
I don’t understand and don’t know what to do ; I’ll probably do as you. When you ignored the prescription request, did they ask it again ? I’m afraid too I’d have to cancel, but I guess I’ll first try to contact the online support. What I don’t like is that here you always have to know how to play it, for fear of seeing our order refused.

Hello, sorry to dig out this old subject. I’m having same trouble right now.

Do you mean he still marked it at computer glasses even if you told him not to ? So overall you would not recommand marking them all as distance vision ?