Just as a random side-slash-footnote.

iOS app is slowly coming together. The more gets done the more needs to be done and for sure it’ll be endlessly far from what it could be when the first iteration ends up in the App Store.

Which looks like might be in the next week or two, quite possibly.

Goal is 1) having measuring be as easy as looking at your phone and hitting a button, and 2) having your results logged and easily reviewable.

Replace the measuring tape confusion, as a start. And have logs just happen rather than yet one more thing to try to keep tabs on.

After that, on to interpreting those results and making recommendations based on them.

And along with that, making the many disparate resources be available all from the app. From videos to how-to guides to podcasts, courses and community, One stop shop.

(Above screenshots just from the ongoing development and musings. Not what will be in the first release, as various obvious shortcomings are being addressed.)


Do you have any plan for measuring farther than arm long? Like recording with winking or clapping or some other special signal? Or maybe recording with selfie stick photo button (I’m not sure if that possible, but would be handy)?

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My plans so far don’t extend beyond what’s up in the first post. :joy:

I’m fully aware and entirely expecting a completely endless wishlist, to-do list, me applying for food stamps, and “omg Jake, WHY didn’t you do x”.

And looking forward to it.

The whole thing will be a great exercise to re-evaluate and re-organize all the many endless piles of notes and things that Endmyopia is currently. And a long term exercise.

Side effect also, I’ll have to finally put some of these other paid courses online (last diopter, presbyopia, 20/10, astigmatism, child myopia …). For some unknowable reason the developer keeps asking for money, when I’m really just asking him to do work the common good of all humanity.

Hashtag dirty capitalists.

Super excited to finally see some almost tangible entirely new thing, and many, many great conversations about how to make it better.

:laughing: :+1:t2:


Jake, major props for your efforts on this!
I do mostly web design and some graphic design and maybe, just maybe you would like this:
Optician Sans — it’s the eyechart font and it’s open source to use.

It’s a good, clean readable font choice. Please keep sharing the design screens and I will find time to put together some design mockups. Yes to the yellow and black. Do you have page flow chart of all the pages and actions a user can take?


Hello,Jake,that will be an excellent app.what type of iphone will support? Iphone 11 or other newest models?

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Anything with Face ID should work.

Will there also be an android app? Just curious :slight_smile:


As expected, things are dragging out, just a weeeeee little bit.

Main challenge has been to make the logging and graph usable. Sounds easy, turned out to be not entirely the case.

Also various UI tweaks to make the measuring and reviewing of the log reasonably straightforward.

Nothing of course will work properly, but doing testing on all the updates here currently. Really, really hoping that a vaguely functioning first version of this whole thing will be on the app store in some time frame reasonably measured in days. :smiley:




I can’t possibly afford it (either time-wise managing multiple developers, troubleshooting, feedback, bug fixes, etc, nor the minor detail of paying another developer).

IF and when the iOS app is fully flushed out, working properly, has all the features we want and need, then maybe, maaaybe we’ll look at Android also (of course want to, but got to be realistic in feasibility).

Blame me not being enough of a marketer / seller-of-programs to have the endmyopia bank account that would support a two platform simultaneous app development project. :wink:

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Maybe having a landscape mode for graphs? I mean have the one we have currently, just if you rotate a phone it switches into a better view. In portrait mode it’s really hard to represent this kind of data (small height differences, but long-long graph).

Agree on this. There is no need to develop simultaniously, beta phase can be done on any one and when it’s “finished” it just need to be rewritten to the other platform (which also makes more consistent through them). Though I would rather think that it should be a bit less maybe, but yeah I know, Jake and his infinite money pocket… :smiley:

I’ve got some kind of beaten-dog syndrome at this point for anything that starts with “what if …” and the app.

Because literally any time I say “so, what if …” to the developer, his answer is always numerical, with a number of digits and zeros, followed by me having a knot in my stomach, quietly cursing to myself while making another funds transfer to his account. I don’t even want to know what the seemingly benign and simple idea of rotating into landscape mode may ding me for.

And. it. never. ends.


(Short term goal is to just get the albatross out there, getting some use, and then letting a giant list of wishful features piling up.)


I really should learn to programm in Swift so you could pay me instead of some random people :smiley: I also have an advantage that you would not even need to think about new ideas, because I have plenty on my own, so I could just message you that “hey, I have another great idea for the app, send me a few zeros and I will do it” :rofl:


Fair enough but why pick iOS instead of android? IOS is… Apple. Android is almost everyone else. Isn’t android a bigger target audience? Don’t know just asking. I guess in the US it is less clear but globally surely there are more Android users?

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I think this is the most crucial part of your work (& legacy), Jake. I think there may be several people with alternative health ideas that work, but those alternative health ideas don’t spread because they don’t build the ecosystem (and the simple reason maybe that it’s pretty costly to build an ecosystem). Also, some of them may be afraid that they will get violently suppressed (using legal cases & stuff) if they get too big & start competing with mainstream medicine.

So, I thank you for building this forum, YouTube channel & app. Especially, the forum, because I am guessing that you understood… that depending on YouTube (Google) or Facebook cannot be a good idea.


Android is probably much too variable. Every handset probably behaves slightly differently. Plus the internal APIs probably keep changing. iOS would be a much more controlled environment and the hardware is locked down (single supplier).


I hope you agreed that the code is yours, I.e., you’re buying his service to produce the code for you.

Another issue with Android is whether the proper depth perception stuff is physically on the phone.

I switched to Apple this round specifically for that feature.

I’m looking forward to beta testing the app.

Bring it on! Be prepared though, I’m quite shrewd at getting the most out of my zeros. :joy:

It’s a far, far simpler platform to maintain. One set of devices. All of them have the same API and hardware. On Android it’s a hair raising amount of issues and I’m not ready for “bro it doesn’t work on my phone”.

Plus, iOS users spend money. While no exact plan yet, I need the contingency option of monetizing projects that are potentially expensive long term.

Plus way way less plzzz bros on iOS.

Plus I have an iPhone.

Really anyone who really wants more free stuff or some other thing, welcome to show up with requisite resources or cash or otherwise means to help me facilitate their wishes. As mentioned above, I’d love to have all platforms but I have to be realistic and aim for the most likely start that may survive the launch process.

Thanks for saying so. I also think that’s the case. A ‘product’ is 10% of the way there. The infrastructure is the tough part. Making things accessible and usable, shareable and interesting, community and participation … that’s the tough one. Also the thing needs to be financial viable, at the very least self supporting.

And yes, legal stuff. The lawyer is part of the bill and I drag myself through regular reviews of what I can and can’t say. Most of this iceberg is under the surface. :wink:


There’s already an android app ?

(I was just looking around on here to see what android resources were already available, while pondering whether I might have a go at an app myself…)

There are several android apps I think, and an iOS one also exists. But they are not official.