Should we report them, just out of spite? :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, this is unbelievable. Though to be fair the “measure your eyesight” apps I’ve found are all bullshit (no one in their right mind would ever call them medical diagnosis, but then maybe that’s exactly why they should be banned) and the “astigmatism” app has such a broken English I can see how it escaped their radar. This is like banning apps like Carb Manager because counting calories should be done by qualified dietitians. So silly I’m finding it almost hard to be mad.

I don’t think it’s possible to modify the terminology too much without compromising quality and user experience. This is a convenience app, it’s supposed to be first and foremost a helper for people trying EM to save them time and energy figuring too many things out. If it becomes less convenient than a measuring tape and a notebook, then there is no point left.

Wouldn’t adding some more explicit disclaimers allow it to pass? Like not medical advice, not diagnosis (I know it’s already said in the app but who knows), etc.


Honestly one of my “planned” suggestion would have been that there should be an option to show cm instead of diopters, because it’s much more meaningful in higher myopia :slight_smile: So I would be happy for cms.

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Just say the app can improve your eyesight because the medical field says it isn’t possible to do so there for it’s a scam not medical advice :rofl: :rofl:

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I have several apps on my iPhone for mearuring my hearing!!! One even plot out an audiogram. Why do they allow that but not measuring my sight??? Is it not possible to find a workaround. Messure someting else distans to blur… (just kidding)

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I think that’s a good idea. @jakey, I also had something similar in mind. Instead of “Measuring eyesight” in “diopters”, the app should be able to “Measure your eye’s far point” in “centimeters”. We do the same thing, but I think enough wording change that it won’t be problematic anymore.


But it is part of the EM philosophy to make people understand that what they are measuring with this simplicity is exactly what the optometrist with their super expensive looking autorefractor is measuring. We want to be using diopters and we want people to learn that diopters are the invert of a distance and not some magical number they need to trust blindly. Demystifying refraction and making people unlearn that helplessness that forced them behind glasses for decades is the one rewarding thing that makes it likely for people to give taking charge of their own eyesight a try. If you see how many people think that their prescription is their “eye number” (as if such a thing existed), a measurement only provided by a certified professional (a machine that adds zero value to subjective testing), that defines their eyes beyond the shadow of a doubt (a shoe number is more that than the so-called prescription).
Now I know this is info everyone can get on the site and the channel, but the app is supposed to reach more people. If it’s only appealing to people who already know about their eyesight, then we don’t gain a lot of value over measuring tape + notebook. I really don’t want it to become too much of an insider thing.


Yea. So the latest plot point is to remove diopters and diopter verbiage and all the related things.

Focus on measuring centimeters, distance to blur, far point. Hopefully get that approved and then figure out what we can get away with as far as “converting” centimeters later on.


Converting the cm into “D” without mention it stands for diopters might do the trick. will you also remove “myopia” from your app? if so, maybe you can replace it with a picture (e.g. endmyopia logo).

Sure, but as you can see it’s not possible to publish an app like this. So the question is not if we should make an app with diopters or not, but the question is if we have an app without diopters or we don’t have an app. We can always redirect users to the Endmyopia main site “if you want to know more”.

Though I’m totally baffled because we have this in app store:

It’s even a paid app. It’s 12+, maybe that has something to do with it? Why it was allowed and the Endmyopia app is not? Did you get any explanation why it got rejected?

Explanation, medical diagnosis. That’s it.

We’ll work around it.


I guess it is because that APP is an paid app and Apple gets a 30% cut of every payment…

its true, in a sense a lot of newbies will just rely on the app for measurement. but i think they will need to conduct their own measuring experimenting too. For some its hard to measure their eyeisght and leads to wrong rx and no improvement. the app will help a lot i think

thanks for all the work you put in.
sad what started as a free diy site turned into a semi-profitable one. theres no escape in this capatalist world, but it is what it its, at the end of the day you need to spend to make money.
what a bummer, was really looking forward to an ios app but I have no face id. well i guess its time to buy a new phone

I joined the forum to post this (at the advice of @NottNott in Discord). I started working on an iOS app to do far point measurement and some other things. Then I found out about the Endmyopia app, tried it on Android and it’s awesome! Glad to hear you’re working on this iOS version too.

So my questions are:

  1. Does anybody want me to finish making my iOS diopter measurement app? I have some ideas for getting it in the app store and avoiding the “medical diagnosis” issue. But it looks like the Endmyopia app works pretty well and will probably be in the app store soon enough anyway?
  2. @jakey let me know if I can be of any help with your app. Thanks for all your great work with EM and the app!

Hacky video demo of my app doing acuity testing with letters. I’d add a simpler far point measurement mode too.


Much appreciate it, Doug!

Yes app is pending another Apple review right now. If you have medical diagnosis tips, always good to have those. :slight_smile:

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If you know ole Jakey, you know that we never give up.

Just slow. And a bit disorganized. And cranky.

But quitting, definitely not.

Latest version of the app, greatly revised to exclude any potential for “medical” anything, at the feet of the Apple gods.

It’s now super basic, no design, just bare bones, see if we get allowed entry.


Good luck jakey.
Hopefully this time is the time.

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Fingers crossed!

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Ok closing this one now, we are in the app store: 🎉 Meow-sure Your Distance! We Are In The App Store 🎉


Brilliant! So easy to use the app to mesure the distans to my text. Super!!!

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