Our 2 (!) Hour Podcast With Higherside Chats

Is now out: https://twitter.com/HighersideChats/status/1229141019528060928



I’m looking forward to getting a chance to listen to it.


Good one! Jacob Lieberman is the guy who wrote the book, “Take Off Your Glasses and See.” He describes an experience in there where he came out of a meditation and could see perfectly, saying that he never needed glasses after that.

If that’s something like a “permanent clear flash,” good for him. I find it to be completely unhelpful. I read this book before finding EM. While we can learn something from anything, EM is much more systematic and gives a method that anyone who really wants to can use without simply relying on exercises and hoping they’ll work.


Matt: you mean meditation not mediation, right?

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Yeah, thanks, I edited that so it should be right now

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I think I read this one too.

So many of these claim vision improvement to 20/20 without explaining either how or why.

I need one or both to be useful.

EM is the only one I’ve found that matches both my experience with vision degradation and subsequent improvement.

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Side note, I do have the link to the full two hour chat. The deal is usually the first hour of all the podcasts he does is free, the second hour, with more conspiratory moments, requires supporting his work. (great plot, me thinks)

Still, he said I can share the full two hour link with members - so if you want the second hour but don’t want to subscribe, hit me up via direct message.


This was a great podcast. Thanks Jake! I love THC, Greg Carlwood is a standup dude who broke out of the conventional slave life of 9-5 corporate wagecuckery.

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