Outreach to Governments

I think @jakey mentioned that in Singapore 90% of the kids are myopic now. Singapore tends to be very high-tech and willing to try things that other countries aren’t (I’ve never been there, just stating my impression.)

You might write to the PM of Singapore and suggest that they try a public health experiment using the EM methods to get their myopia problem under control. It’s potentially a National Security issue for them.

It’s a serious Public Health crisis and they’re probably ranked dead last in the world at Myopia Prevention right now (which isn’t anything to be proud of.)

There’s a couple hundred countries in the world, it would be very interesting if one of them took up EndMyopia methods.


I’d be very surprised if the PM of Singapore or another agency would respond to a guy like Jake, unfortunately. It’s a complicated issue, and I feel like governmental agencies will always feel a much strong pressure to listen to ‘qualified’ people than people like Jake.

I feel like the organic approach will work well, which is what we’re doing. The alternative is going big and starting a public debate through something like Joe Rogan, which is concievable. I don’t think governmental agencies will listen at this point in time though :confused:


Jake’s doing good right now with EndMyopia.

You’re probably right, I’m not sure that they would take his advice or anything, but it would probably put it on their radar that outsiders are noticing that they’re leading the world in Childhood Myopia and that there’s more they could be doing than just atropine drops and LASIK.

Jake’s ideas might be getting more mainstream respectability than you think, check out this Opthamologist’s myopia control page:

from Spectacles management plan in childhood myopia - Myopia Control Singapore

Under-correcting by 0.25 to 0.5D, using strong and weak pairs of glasses… sounds like stuff @jakey has been saying for a very long time!


I’ve tried. They have an agency just to deal with their (previously, I guess) top three “major health crises”, one of them having been identified as myopia.

The agency doesn’t even respond to messages, at all.


Someday when I want to retire I’m going to get a job in government.


Hear hear. That’s really the place to be.

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