Overdue Progress Update

I’ve been procrastinating about posting a progress update, partly because I know our Guru prefers videos. The reality is my days are already too full to figure out making a video right now so this will have to do.

I’ve worn glasses since I was 14 years old. I started my endmyopia journey in November 2016. At that time I had just received an optometrist prescription for OD -5.00; OS -3.75. The prescription was for bifocals with +1.25 for the reading portion of the lenses. There was some overcorrection for the right eye in that prescription and I settled on -4.25 and -3.50 for my first pair of normalized glasses.

Almost three years later, my current normalized lenses are OD -3.00 and OS -2.50. I have not worn bifocals since I started the endmyopia program. Happily, I no longer need them, since the diopters in my distance lenses are much weaker than they were three years ago when I was wearing bifocals.

I’m really pleased that this past August I was able to reduce my diopter ratio by 0.25. I had attempted this reduction in April but my eyes were not happy so I went back to my previous normalized glasses (-3.25 and -2.50) and made a commitment to improving on my outdoor active focusing–something I’ve always found more challenging than active focus with differentials. Fortunately, with a few months of perseverance I was able to successfully make the switch to the lower ratio.

Although my progress has been slow, I’m happy that my eyes have improved to the point of not needing bifocals. I wear contact lenses for special occasions and it’s nice to be able to wear them without having to have reading glasses with me, as I did three years ago when my distance prescription was stronger. I’m hopeful that now that my outside active focussing has improved, I might start to see faster progress.


Excellent stuff, Barbara. Congratulations!

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Keep Going ,We gonna have remote control for eyes to become better every time :grin: .

Great update, I cant imagine how much better it feels to go from 5 to 3. But I know what 3 to 2.75 is like and man the world is looking so much better.


Congratulations! Slow and steady wins the race as well.

Yay. Just also saw this over in the BackTo20/20 support forum. Super awesome,

I really like how consistently we get presbyopia sorted out at the same time. I’m still not ready to throw in a grand announcement that presbyopia isn’t a thing (give me another ten years of data like with myopia :smiley:).

Though entirely anecdotally and maybe-ally there’s something to possibly not needing those pesky bifocals trifocal, quadri-multi-focal plastic lenses to see everything. :thinking: :laughing: