Oxygenising the eyes and bod

I’m more than certain that the majority of us here are familiar with Wim Hof. His Vice video is a good introduction amongst others. Anyway, to keep this short, I’ve been doing this breath work routine up to 3 times daily (it gets addictive) for the past two weeks. Particularly on waking and an empty stomach. Look at the science of it to find out more but raising the pH level of the blood (which is what this does very quickly) tends to really target positively any wellness issues. Chronic tension being a common outcome of acidosis, I’ve found active focus becoming not only easier but somehow far more dynamic. Colour intensity also heightened.

His Russell Brand interview is awesome as too the Joe Rogan one.

Have it!!!


He is half crazy (especially when he laughs).
I fully believe in good blood circulation and delivering extra oxygen to all parts of the body.
The Wim Hof breathing is definitely in my witchcraft toolbox. :+1:t2:
The cold shower is a challenge but not impossible…


Exposure to cold can be gradual and in different forms. I find that as a first step, not adding clothes the moment there is a temperature drop (or shedding one layer more than what I find 100% comfortable), and switching to the colder side of lukewarm water for showers is already great for getting benefits.

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