Parent-and-a-child Add on

Hi fellow user,

I want to help my dear 6 years old son to improve his eyes.

He has -2 dioptres and our optometrist wanted to sell me the idea of getting Atropin eye drops and overnight contact lenses for him.

That made me realise there is a time to get his myopia reversed.

Could someone please send me s link onto the Add-on so that i could purchase it?

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It looks like it is part of the Back to 20/20 program. Not a separate course.

If you’re concerned about price but would still like some guidance. I would suggest Le Rough Guide if you want an easily accessible and quick course guide. It fine for both children and adults.

I bought Le Rough Guide and I can say it definitely save me hours and hours of times compared to trying to do it with the free resources.


If you have the adult course, the child add-on is free. Used to charge for it but … didn’t feel right about it. Scruples! :joy:

Note that I don’t have any child-only courses. Myopic parent needs first hand experience to help the child, at least per my experience. Feasible otherwise also, just not something I can specifically offer support for.

If you are in the adult program just send me a message to have the child one added.

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Thank u Alex, i paid for the adult programme already and im a lifetime member, i asked Jake to give me that Add on in case it is not being done automatically.

I will have to go through backto2020 again probably a bit as that was like 2,5 years ago when i first did it to ascertain my overprescription and normalised.

Now im practising in doing AF and my normalised is down to -2.75. I started this programme with my eyes being -5.75 some 2.5 years ago, back in May 2018.

I started taking my son’s glasses off for a close up some 1.5 years ago. I told our optomerist i was doing it and she said that due to his astigmatism he should still wear his full correction for a close up.

I think that was such bullshit!!

I just dont know if going from -2 to no correction for a close up is maybe not too much. He seems to look at his tablet from time to time and having it quite close to his eyes.

Maybe i should give him a different prescription for close up but i do need some guidance here, hence my idea to get that Add on!


Log in as usual and click on the Course List, first one in the second row.
You’ll find that you if you click on the “see more” you can access the kids course materials there. This is a separate box not the adult course one.

thank you so much Bianca!