Parent & Child Live Q&A Zoom Chats

Latest musings: We need more live chats.


Posting here also in case you are a program member and didn’t check support forum announcement. Or in case you’re just interested in stuff going on.

Most on all this over in the Parent & Child Facebook group, starting with this post

Short version if you’re not in the group to see the post: Ole Jakey on a quest to try to connect with parents directly to talk about the child eyeballs. Video chats, ask questions, get feedback, have me tell more bits to hopefully help parents with the journey of figuring out eyesight for their kids.

Participation for supporters of endmyopia (BackTo20/20 course), because yay for support and also to help make sure we’re not getting fifty random people who haven’t bothered reading anything and using the chat for the standard 'bro so how do we do this, bro" inquisitions. :zipper_mouth_face:

Might have recording of the chat available, though no promises, depends on what parents say.

Also thinking about more Zoom chats for course participants in general. I really have some anxiety issues about these kind of interactions but also want to meet supporters and be a bit more personally involved than just “here you go, course”.

Lets’ see how it goes!



Zoom or jitsi? Just know that in IT circles jitsi is considered more secure as it’s open source. Oh and completely free

Without knowing the exact cause of anxiety over it, if it’s related to your natural introversion a suggestion is to have an extraverted co-host to be there. Someone who understands you a bit and can naturally keep things going in the direction appropriate to EM.

I am so excited about this! Will it be released (even if just bits) for everyone or will it be only part of the BackTo20/20 Child Program? I am the volunteer basis supporter here (pretty sure you don’t mean that) but if you need non plz bro bodies in these chats and I can manage it schedule wise, tap me in (though my schedule is a monkey wrench, I can only really promise Mondays or else that 8am EST slot on weekdays… probably a deal breaker for many :frowning: )
But same goes if/when you look for mods on the new Facebook group, that much I can for sure accommodate so don’t hesitant to tap (I am even getting less lenient lol), though as yet that group has self moderated well.


Seems a great idea. Hope that it goes well.

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Real volunteer support, often worth way more than money. :heart: You’re automatically invited to anything you feel like you want to be in on! Just let me know anytime you don’t have access to something you’d like to be visit. :grimacing:

As far as release, not sure yet. I want to but it’ll depend on parents and how it turns out.

Usually making things depend on course participation removes all plzz bros. The course is really useful to get all the basics covered and anyone who spends money, usually is serious enough to take the lessons.

Schedule is pinned in the support forum. Next weekend, and weekend after. I don’t have a good e-mail system set up yet to e-mail just parents, so there’s another thing still missing. Letting people know about the option who aren’t on here much otherwise.

Moderating, so far it seems fine. I don’t want to over burden your eyeballs with all of this closeup time! :slight_smile:

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Sweet I will watch for a time slot I can work with :smiley: :smiley:

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I’m checking in anyways, but we really do seem to have a great group there so far :grin:

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I’ve been around endmyopia for years now, paid course, but first time posting. Very motivated by the live sessions so thanks @jakey. Great idea. I think I missed signing up for this first session so will catch the next one. But wanted to suggest; to lessen anxiety perhaps it would help to ask the attendees for some questions in advance? I’m sure you’ve thought of it already! But I find if I have specific content to address it helps go smoothly and adds value to most.


I’ll extend the sign-up time right now, go check again. Just go to the pinned post on top of the support forum, there is the calendar sign-up link in there (doodle). :wink:

Yes questions in advance is a great idea! Though feel free to ask anyway.

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Hi @jakey and everyone - Is there an upcoming zoom chat? I have a lot of questions. Unfortunately I am not myopic myself (-0.75 but dont wear glasses) Due to online schooling my son has -1.25. I have read the wiki pages however I do have some questions. He is doing online schooling this year as well so my primary goal is to make sure myopia does not progress. Kindly let me know if there is an upcoming zoom chat with expert parents as it would be super helpful!

To my knowledge these never quite got off the ground, though I was hoping sharing them would be helpful to new members such as yourself. I don’t think the original concept was to have new members in the chats themselves though… At any rate in addition to the wiki pages the endmyopia website has many pages on the subject and Jake has videos on his channel about it too. -1.25 is quite low. With some habits adjustments you should be well on track. Just a few tips here that might also help: I HAVE to be on the screen, are my eyes (and/or my kid's eyes) doomed? - YouTube


I’d still like to make a weekly or otherwise regular space for these kinds of things. Nudges are helpful to get me focused to maybe make that happen.

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Mondays are really good for me for the foreseeable future :smiley:

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