Patching Question

I noticed when patching/closing one eye then switching to the other eye, the patched/closed eye gets an instance of clearer vision than before I covered it. Is this a common phenomenon? Is it because the pupil gets dilated when the eye was covered?

If this is the case, would first covering the non dominant eye for a brief moment, then switching to patch the dominant eye, help the non dominant eye achieve active focus more easily?


Yes. It happens because the eye dominance gets stronger in the covered eye after the patching (yes, I’ve written everything correctly, even though it’s counter-intuitive :slight_smile: ). There are some clinical studies which proves this, should be on google scholar.
By the way most likely this is the reason why it’s detrimental to have too frequent and/or too long patching sessions, it messes with eye dominance.

No, it’s because of eye dominance shift.

I suspect that the overall effect would be neutral. If you don’t patch long enough then there would be no effect, if you patch to have effect then you also provided positive stimulus for the stronger eye which overpower the effect of the patching session of the weaker eye. So no, I don’t think there is benefit in this.


Huh? :exploding_head: Does this mean that by switching which eye you patch, you also switch the eye dominance? Like your non dominant eye (for a brief moment) becomes your dominant eye, and vice versa?

Or perhaps it means your dominant eye gets stronger, and your non dominant eye gets weaker?

Not switch, shift. Both eye contributes to the stereoscopic vision, but not both input regarded with 50% weight by the visual cortex. Eye dominance is not an on-off switch (nothing in biology is an on-off switch), so it just means (for example) you right eye’s input used with 70% weight, and the left is 30%. According to those papers after you cover the right eye for some amount of time (so you do a patching) it will shift to (again, numbers are just examples) 85% and 15%.

It can totally happen, it’s established science. It obviously happens for example in case of eye damage (temporary or permanent). You just have to patch the dominant eye for a long time, and a switch happens. Though I would not experiment with it, because it can have side effects like headaches or double vision later.

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My dominant eye seems to switch almost daily, or even several times a day, just randomly haha. In fact I don’t even know which one is the dominant eye any more they switch so often haha. I’ll get up in the morning and one eye is seeing clearer than the other, then a few hours later they might switch…for no apparent reason.

Both eyes have the same strength lens witn no astigmatism correction, I work outside so very little closeup work, but it just seems to switch all the time. Doesn’t bother me, just an observation.

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Just to dig a little deeper on this. So should we then actually patch the non dominant eye to then shift the dominance to more equal?? Is getting eyes of equal dominance even important? and just live with the dominance?

Also @halmadavid it sounds like you know quite a bit on this. I’d like to ask a piece of diopter general adivce (not diopter specific hahah). Is it wise to use patching when eyes are within the same 0.25 diopter. Or is patching only used for higher diopter difference to then equalise the eyes?


No, eye dominance is totally normal. Emmetropes have them too. It’s not even a good idea to mess it with too much.

Most likely there is not much merit.

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ok great. thanks for the advice david!

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I think you are good in patching or you have done a lot of research in patching.
i have a question.
i have been doing patching for 30 minutes by covering my left (dominant eye). I could see much better with my left eye. But after doing patching for 30 minutes for the last 2 months to make the non dominant eye better or to catch up with my left eye.
What happened is now i am seeing not much better than i used to see with my left (dominant eye).
well for example if i see a 20/30 line with my left eye before trying patching now i am seeing 20/50 or 20/70 line. Now i seeing worse vision in my left dominant eye.
What has happened to me.
could you explain me.

You should not patch more than 10 minutes a day, Jake talks about that usually in the patching videos / posts. Patching more than that leads exactly those kind of problems as what you wrote.

i accept that i have done the mistake.
i wish i would have seen that video or blog post before trying all these things.
For God sake.
Please help me.
What should i do to reverse the process.

Don’t patch more than 10 minutes a day :slight_smile: Or rather don’t patch at all for a while.

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how much time the double vision could take to resolve.

Thats up to your eyes and your body. Keep us informed!

@halmadavid the ultimate person to ask!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That’s 100% true.
I will keep you informed.

As i saw some of Jake videos many Endmyopians especially high myopes uses plus lenses over contacts to do active focus. Also i saw some of Jake videos and Jake doesn’t recommend plus lenses.
Could you please shed some light on this topic.
What is the difference between
Active focus using differentials after this we have to clear the double image.
Active focus using plus lenses after this we have to clear the double image.