Paul Saladino LASIK

I tried again today to talk Paul Saladino out of LASIK using his own language.

This is what i said

“Do you think it’s evolutionary consistent to have myopia? Being hunter gathers evolutionary. Check out endmyopia and Jake Steiner before getting LASIK. I’ve improved my myopia 1 diopter in 6 months.”

He was talking again on his show about getting LASIK so I don’t think he is listening.


Can’t help the unwilling.

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Yeah, I commented in one of his last podcasts (KneesOverToesGuy episode) but it seems like Saladino does not read any comments anymore. People already tried to alert him about AF some time ago, but looks like our community efforts are not going to work. :frowning:
I’m not sure if people tried to message Ivor Cummins asking if he could send EM to Paul, because (maybe) he’s the perfect shortcut to contact CarnivoreMD.


That’s for sure, at least I tried.


It’s weird. Maybe I’ll see who else we know who also knows Paul. Both Ivor Cummins and Luke Storey did episodes with him, as did Stuart Cooke. And Sara and Les and Joseph from BurnItNutrition … all podcast guys we’re in touch with so I could be annoying them. I never know how to best do these things, favors and e-mails and social communication isn’t really my strong suit. :thinking:

Brad Kearns (they’ve done shows together) e-mailed him twice over the last few months, and he didn’t comment.


To each his own, maybe? @JeremyCouch If he does indeed look into EM, you would also have had a big part to play in it.

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I guess some people are just not ready for the truth, I guess it’s easier to take the fast way and get LASIK.

I know about 20 years ago I went to a LASIK surgeon who works with many famous athletes. I had my exam and he explained with my level of myopia I would need a special kind of LASIK and it was twice as much. He also explained that I would most likely need reading glasses. I just said forget it and never thought about it again.

Until I found endmyopia I never knew it was even possible to fix your own myopia. I’m enjoying the journey and looking forward to improvements. I wish it was faster but what am I doing anyway, no reason not to do it.

Thanks, Jake


Perfect example of Gell-Mann Theory perhaps?

The Paul thing inspired me to ask Dr. Morris Waxler (head of research at the FDA at the time, got LASIK approved) for a chat.

He confirmed, so at some point we’ll have the man himself talk about the whole LASIK story. Should be interesting. Plus something to forward to Paul. :wink:


Oh wow I’m so looking forward to this!!

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Scheduled for next Wednesday. :grimacing:


Wow! Maybe now ‘LASIK Complications’ channel will reach out to you. Will email them after the episode is aired.


Looking forward to listening to this.

You’re right. I didn’t even consider that. You are definitely considering all this far better than me. Meanwhile I’m still stuck on making a reaction video. :joy:


Forget about the reaction video if it’s taking up too much time :slight_smile:

@jakey what is the most radical thing you did lately? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have tried to reply to one of Paul Saladino’s newsletter email, reusing #16volt words. We’ll see if that works…


He seems like the kind of person that would be open to endmyopia. But maybe he is too busy to look into it, I would be mad at myself if I got LASIK then found this out after. It really does not make sense that traditional hunter gathers, would have terrible eyesight. You could not survive.


Definitely not things I’d put in writing and on the Internet. :zipper_mouth_face:

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