PD 54-70mm Titanium Trial Lens Frame

A couple weeks ago I bought this trial frame on amazon to go with the lens kit that I reviewed in the following LeMeow post:

  Brief review UCanSee 266 pcs Optical Trial Lens Set Kit Metal Rim Aluminum Case

The price was $58.

The purchase was necessary because the trial frame that comes with the kit is a pretty useless toy and has a fixed PD that is not mine…

I bought this frame in particular because it takes metal-framed lenses (as opposed to plastic) and has a PD adjustment. I did not investigate plastic-framed lenses or frames.

The frame came in good shape except for one of the lens holders being about 1/16 inch out of line. That made it easy for any lens inserted in that receptacle to fall out, which eventually happened, dropping the (glass) lens on my (quarry tile) floor which broke the lens. That prompted me to get out the needle-nose pliers and bend the holder back to where it should be. The bend was successful (didn’t uproot the holder’s anchor or shatter the spring). Given the number of anchors (10) and other little adjustments in these frames having problems with one isn’t so bad, but if I hit two such problems I would have returned the product and bought in the $100 range, I expect.

The frame comes with adjustable length earpieces which I didn’t need – the spring earpieces hold onto my head well enough.

Note on usage: I am the proverbial “pretty handy guy” and it took me about two days to learn how to load and unload trial refractions on the frame putting all the lenses in workable positions.

I gather this frame’s price is the middle of the low end and that the “real professional” frames prices start at $100 each or more.

Summary: does the job, worth the money (IMHO)

Disclaimer: my only involvement with this product was to buy one as a retail consumer. I have no financial or any other commercial interest in this product or any optical industry supplies or sales.


Nice. Someday I’m buying one of the top of the line models. I have not seen one as nice as the one above in person.

How comfortable are they to wear?

I find them ok in comfort. I only use them when ordering new glasses, though (not for wearing all day for weeks/months/etc). Also I’m working on -2.00 D so the lenses are rather light.

I’m looking at 1-2 hour wear.