Peripheral astigmatism distortion in cylinder glasses

When I look not through the center of spectacle lens but look rightwards with left eye, it distorts the image with with the rule hyperopic astigmatism, or if down and out, oblique astigmatism.

Are there any lenses with that bug absent? Maybe atoric lenses? But I found zero those available.

The stronger the lens, the more distortion outside optical center. It’s a tradeoff between spherical aberration, lens thickness, and drift away from prescribed values.

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Really any of you haven’t heard of aspherical lenses? They should eliminate spherical aberration. Also bi-aspherical lenses are even better in terms of it.

No, very strong lenses are only aspherical for a little distance away from optical center. They’d be crazy thick if perfectly ground

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Perhaps -15 and more. Maybe you can try lenticular design?