Personal E-Mail Stories ๐Ÿ˜

I really love getting these e-mails:


Blurred out some personal story bits to be respectful of privacy, even though the personal stories are my favorite part of these e-mails. In the endless snowstorm of ever repeating plzz-help-bro question e-mails, from random addresses, all faceless and non-soul-feeding, itโ€™s great to sometimes get one of these personal kind of messages.

Keep making all teh 20/20 gainz!


Like the man who shared his story I was making gains of .25 diopter per year on my own. I had to persuade my optometrist to lower my prescription to reduce my eye strain. When I found almost a year ago I realized she was sneakily adding astigmatism, so I started getting my own glasses online. Since then with considerable gains to show, one of my friends asked if I could coach him in reducing myopia. Because he wanted to continue using contacts he had to get a prescription from a licensed optometrist, so I told him to ask about reducing lens strength to stimulate reduced myopia. His optometrist said. "I donโ€™t want to do that because it will make your eyes stretch; then your retina will pop off, and you will be blind. "

I thought reducing myopia reduces the chances of retinal detachment. Does anyone have comments on this subject?

Not sure how that may make sense. Eyes donโ€™t โ€˜stretchโ€™. They do change in axial length, though the length increases with higher myopia, not lower myopia. Itโ€™s the optometry default treatment of increasing diopters that makes the eye grow longer and increase risks like retinal detachment.


Thanks for commenting. I think itโ€™s interesting that the optometrist acknowledged that lowering prescription strength would stimulate change, but also supplied a โ€˜reasonโ€™ not to do it.