Pharmacist talking about EM

@jakey feedback time…

A very honest video on what impression EM gives to an open minded outsider :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
(Popped up in my feed thanks to all the EM videos)

Video and transcript, too


Thank you @jakey for saving me $15,000. Also thank you Universe for giving me just about enough intellect to understand Jake’s 7 day email guide.


Truth is I could totally relate to what she said about first dodgy impressions. :rofl:
But she had the right approach: it’s not about who Jake is or how he presents himself (professional anti marketing) but about what he says.

“Despite all this, we want to know if it really works. The guy still offers free information, and has a bunch of testimonials and other forums speaking about his website. I wanted to try it for myself, so I subscribed to the free emails (not the paying classes).
I won’t describe what he describes. I instead invite you to go to his website.”

“all this EndMyopia started to sound more legit“

She did what Jake encourages, questioned everything and checked info for herself.


It will be interesting to see if she ends up on the forum :smiley:


I’ll bet she gets to -7 or -6.5 pretty fast.

I’m sure as a pharmacist she has to be thinking “if I started with one sleeping pill to get to sleep every night, and now I need 7.5 sleeping pills to do the same thing, and my doctor now wants to prescribe 8 sleeping pills… something can’t be right!”

Prescribing higher and higher dosages of anything forever has got to raise some red flags or set off alarm bells.

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From her

EndMyopia is described as a non-profit, but also seems affiliated with another company. Jake Steiner from EndMyopia gives a free access to a 7 steps guide that you’ll receive by email if you subscribe. It is also written in the copyright section: “Endmyopia courses and paid content is managed by Frauenfeld Vision Care Ltd”. I couldn’t find any information on Frauenfeld Vision Care Ltd, a Hong Kong incorporated private company. The website has an address in Vietnam. Is the founder the owner of the non-profit and the Frauenfeld Vision Care Ltd? Is he positioning the website as non-profit, but the paying subscriptions sold on the website as private? Confusing. Nonetheless, it’s his right, but if the classes are provided by Frauenfeld Vision Care Ltd, and it’s also his, then he’s making a profitable business in Hong Kong pass for a non-profit based in Vietnam. - p.s. these are assumptions. I don’t know!



To me @jakey’s model is pretty clear. Free website and videos with everything you need to DIY, or if you want private consulting or training or personalized advice he has paid courses that include some consultation and hand-holding. I’ve never seen any of the paid content.

Unlike most online offers this one actually has everything you need in the free section (if you’re able to figure out what you need.)

I don’t quite understand the concern that “if you offer some things for free” your support time has to be free too. Somebody can make a “here’s how to put a new roof on your house” video and publish how-to guides but that doesn’t mean they need to come help you figure out why your roof is leaking or repair your roof for free.

Offer a bunch of free resources for do-it-yourselfers; offer paid resources for people who don’t want to spend their valuable time DIY.

I have no idea how big the “paid” side of EndMyopia is but I get the impression that it offsets the web-hosting expenses and just defrays costs really. Strikes me more as a “labor of love” or “being upset about wearing glasses for decades because of bad advice from people who were paid to give good advice and not wanting others to fall into the same trap”.


@nycmao this like every legitimate thing you just said, everybody be stressing this at some point or other, and I just shake my head. Jake puts so much heart into the program and people have the nerve to get bent out of shape because he won’t spend every waking moment spoon feeding it to them for free…


I have no problems with Jake’s chosen style for presenting the EM info. The long-winded sometimes rambling e-mails, the invitation to question him and his findings, the semi-mad rants, beard-guru references, internal jokes left all over the sites, etc. These are part of the image he built (no matter if it was planned or just turned out like this :sweat_smile:). The message about myopia still comes across OK and at least not in an official white-coat serious style. Definitely stands out from the crowd.

Anyone who actually wants to reduce diopters and starts listening comes to the conclusion that the EM idea is legitimate and there’s no point in trying to understand the inconsistent non eyesight improvement parts around EM. Like the pharmacist did.

But then there are moments (moments, not sleepless nights) when I wish @jakey took an hour to remove all of the references to Die Schwarzwaldklinik and Professor Brinkmann in the 7-day guide and the paid course(s), and replace them with Endmyopia and Jake Steiner. And another hour to replace “forum” to “support” in the paid 20/20 course. If it could be done in a text editor then it would mean running ctrl + H twice…

Free association:
My favourite pad-thai place’s main entrance got blocked over the years as the area got marked for demolition but then it didn’t go ahead for years. So the only way to get there in the last year was by crossing a cemetery, walking through a gap in the fence and passing by a few bags of rubbish. The owners took the same route every day with the supplies. A small family business, a couple near retirement age cooking and the near 100 year old mother of one of them serving. They - despite being a restaurant and in high demand - decided to operate with about 8 tables only and be open from 11am to 5pm Mon-Fri. It was the best place for pad thai and always full but I couldn’t convince new people to join me… :thinking:


Yes not all planned that way. But it is how I like it. I’m not trying to be an influencer or present some trust inspiring professional image, nor make it lego blocks easy to apply. I don’t want to become some best selling author or internet health authority.

This is all a very much fringe self experiment DIY thing. Like Indiana Jones, you gotta go look for these treasures. :joy:


Yeah, I think the pharmacist gets a kick out of it too.

I’ve watched her other videos. To me, She seems kind of… nonconformist like a lot of people on this forum.