Planned: New How-To Guides

There’s a seeming endless amount of specific cases and things to consider, once you dive into myopia reversal as an actual actionable process.

For example, there are quite a few people who have much higher myopia than they wear glasses for. Getting back to baseline from there can be tricky - from blur habituation to changed social behaviors, all warrants a bit of help rather than just sticking them with the basic “blur horizon distance” concepts.

I have a whole list of these topics. Plan is to host them on the blog, but have them linked/listed/cataloged only to members here in Le Meow. So they will be available on endmyopia, without necessarily being visible to just casual readers.

Stay tuned!


I would really love that since I think I am one of those people :wink:

I read lots of articles in the blog warning about blur habituation and “throw away your glasses” approaches, but virtually nothing about what to do if it had already happened. Since so many people come over from Bates and other crap, it would be helpful.

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Yes, same here. This sounds awesome :heart_eyes:

I don’t think it’s my case but it sounds interesting.

Looking forward to this!

I started out underprescribed, so I never got the 1diopter reduction at the beginning like some do and I have some blur adaptation. But I still happily made gains. I fight what blur adaptation I still have (if I have any) by concentrating on active focus whenever I think of it. Seems like when I up my diopters, my eyes just regress, so I make my eyes fight for focus as much as they can!

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I’m looking forward to this as well, as I fall into this category

I accidentally falls in this categories too. I’m looking forward to this too!

See the video post. It’s already up! :slight_smile:


Blimey, I totally forgot about that one, I think I even watched it when you released it three months ago…
Maybe beacause it says “low myopia” on the title, I didn’t realize that it might be relevant for me, too.

So, I guess this also applies to people with high myopia who had been using undercorrection passively for years, correct?

No, it’s up from just the other day. See the video post here in the forum. :slight_smile:

Ah, the diopter gap one. Yes, saw that. I was looking for a blur habituation video, probably messed up some threads in my head :smiley:

Sorry for the confusion.