Pleasantly surprised and perplexed

Hi Jake,

I waited a couple of days to respond to see where the eyes might go……

I am very pleasantly surprised in one way and perplexed in another……I took my glasses off pretty much for a year except for occasional use when really needed night driving etc… The more stimulus the eyes got over the past couple of months caused what seemed to be issues with the better eye and non dominant one. Especially in morning over the past month or so right eye is blurry and when using just that eye text is blurry, sometimes grainy/just down right off in certain vision area of the eye. Wish I could take a screen shot of it and say hey whats this all about. :slight_smile: This has been the case for a couple of months not a onetime thing. Sometimes more of a issue sometimes goes away more over the course of a day. That started to concern me that I was doing more harm than good with glasses off. I ordered a -1.0 for both eyes a pretty big difference from what my last pair of glasses were. I hoped that because I hadn’t been wearing glasses that maybe my eyes were finding a more common focus since there has been such a difference in the two and that was what was causing the problem now in what seemed to be the better eye.

Took a deep breathe when I received the -1 glasses from zenni put them on at the beginning of the day and was pleasantly surprised. Vision seems to be decent and less strenuous. Using snellen chart at 10 to 20 ft. I can make out 20/20 with binocular. Each separately what was the better eye the right one is now considerably not as good as the left which was what seemed to be the problem child……so Im confused and surprised and I think glad that the left is redeemable….:slight_smile:

Big question for me would be what I think is causing some of the issue is the earlier prescript and left eye had a fair amount of astigmatism correction in there which is still causing the vision to be off. I can make out letters etc. when active focusing with that one eye but the shadow/astigmatism is still there. Its getting better but I feel thats what is somewhat screwing up the other eye. Is my thinking right? From the beginning of my email, is the eye with the issues blurry/grainy is it just adjusting or should I be doing something else. I definitely need the gurus advice please.

I can’t thank you enough for your time. Your knowledge has definitely saved me from years of frustration. If you ever have time for a consultation the benefits would certainly outweigh any cost. I am a lifetime member of your program still I think but I need to go back to about lesson 20ish.

Thank you!


Hard to assess without more questions and looking at things. Though a single day event based on a lot of input change isn’t really necessarily all that relevant.

I always say, SMALL changes. You don’t get up one day and decide to run a marathon. Or have the first gym day be maximum single rep bench press. :wink:

Jake Steiner

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Hi Jake,

I just sent this same email below as a reply to one of your automated emails. Thought it best to send it again just in case. Thank you!

Hi Jake,

Hope this finds you well wherever you are in the world.

I feel like the prodigal son with your teaching. I have fallen off the process for the past couple of years in one way but certainly everyday try to listen to my eyes so to speak and what would be best.

My vision was very much tied in a knot when I found your info. BUT I’ve done something that I believe has certainly made things interesting……

Prescription when I started was roughly R -1.00 -0.50x135 L-2.00 -1.25x62. Over a year and a half I settled down R-0.50 L-1.25 -0.50x65. In the past what seems like year and a half I quit wearing glasses except for when really needed to drive at night. I got by and certainly enjoyed not wearing the glasses. But about a month ago I noticed especially in the morning my right eye was blurry and off. It came and went and I assumed my eyes were adjusting to not wearing the glasses or just to much drinking……

I went on a snow skiing trip and didn’t wear glasses. I had hoped the wide open spaces and sunlight would help. After first day the next morning my right eye went blurry and like someone needed to adjust the screen in my eye like you would an old television.

Worked with snellen chart yesterday. In some ways especially the left eye vision seems to have improved and now the right eye is doing this weird thing……yes I know its probably my fault because I dropped off the process. What really freaked me out was a post on the Endmyopia Facebook page I saw this morning about “what will happen to my eyesight….” I guess something called amblyopia. I said I bet thats what is going on!

A couple of days ago I ordered a pair of glasses with both left and right at -1.00 hoping that would help with this issue and bring things more equal. That was before I saw the Facebook post. One issue that I was very much wanting to fix that has gone away is the unsteadiness I seemed to have with the left and right eye difference.

Sorry for the long email…… I very much appreciate all of your work!

Matt Senger

Hello. Welcome to the community. I think you have this forum confused with the support forum. This forum is a great place to chat with people about EM and various other topics as well. But the support forum in the BackTo20/20 program is the best place to get advice from Jake, though email is a good shot too. He checks in here too, but you are most likely to get the support on the support forum.
From what I am seeing here, a refresh on the course is a very good plan. It seems you likely got blur adapted and/or possibly reverted. Also you probably should have been much more equalized before giving up wearing correction. Further more I would suggest some fresh measurements for a better idea of what is going on, and a trip to the ophthalmologist to ensure eye health as well as an objective measurement from someone less likely to over correct, this will give you a solid baseline to work off of and make things easier on yourself going forward.

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Thank you!!

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