Please tell me what this lines mean

In this post of endmyopia


They have written a thing that i didn’t understand

"“For close-up we don’t need (or want) the astigmatism correction at all. In your case right from the start, we can do a whole lot of reducing the prescription complexity “””

Does this mean that for my first differentials glasses the cyl power should be equal to 0 or I keep it same to my current not normalized glasses.

There is some subtlety to this. Ideally there would not be cylinder for differentials, but with high astigmatism we accept that removing it will be a challenge and we do so carefully. In this post Jake says, “In your case right from the start…” referring to the person who asked the question. Jake is addressing “Brandon” specifically. In that case he did measurements and figured about what correction was needed. He did not remove all cylinder but removed some of it. That may be quite different from someone else’s needs.

For the very first differentials, you may or may not reduce cylinder at all but only sphere. Some people reduce up to 1.00 in differentials, but with higher astigmatism that kind of reduction may be a difficult way to begin EndMyopia improvement. There is a lot to study about it and you have to figure out what seems the best way for you. It’s kind of a guess to figure out the first ones because you don’t know how your system will respond to a reduction.

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Thanks for early reply