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I’ve just started EM journey because my 6 yr old recently been diagnosed myopic while I’ve been myopic since childhood. I’m doing mainly measuring eye sight and spending more time outdoor. I need help with a couple of things before tackling prescription.

  1. Plus lens: I understand that it may change focal plane but why is it that according to Jake’s video, he would do it if it’s for a child but not for adult?
  2. I have presbyopia (+1.75) but not wearing correction for it. My myopia (according to optician, although my.measurements varies) is -1.25 R and -3.25L. I understand that I need to be careful with reducing for differential so as not to make presbyopia worse. Jake said the ‘gap’ need to be small. I don’t get what gap is that. Is it smaller cooperated decrement rather than the suggested 1-2 diopter? May be I should skip differentials and just start with normalised as I’ve been taking my minus glasses off for close up anyway.

Many thanks.

I’m a big fan of plus lenses. In Jake’s experience they usually work well for kids but Adults (at least the ones who were trying “plus lens therapy” when it was fashionable) seem to get some weird issues or problems that are always filling his inbox.

I think the issue with presbyopes is basically “don’t use more add power than you need”, people who never engage their accomodation lose their ability to accommodate faster than people who use their accommodation. “Use it or lose it.”

On the other hand, you certainly should not be accommodating for hours and hours at a time like the kids who are on their smartphones all day long, because that leads to myopia.

If you’re able to read and see the screen comfortably at an ergonomic (or reasonable) working distance without glasses I’d probably do that.

So what you’re saying sounds OK to me, maybe start with reduced correction for distance, and don’t wear glasses in front of the computer. More outdoor time will certainly help!

The difference between your two eyes is kind of large, if you were going to use differentials it would probably be something like no correction in right eye and -2 D in left eye. I’d be reluctant to start wearing that though in case there’s just some cilliary spasm your left eye that might release. So I like your idea of no correction for close-up now, especially if that works for you; and reduced correction for distance.

Thank you.
You are right about the large difference between my wo eyes, although with my own measurement, they are more like -2.0 R and -3.0 L. What’s confusing is with current correction, I can still see 20/20 with both eyes, ie even with the 0.75 difference (left eye). May be my eye measurement is incorrect.

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Just realized a typo: ’ Is it smaller cooperated decrement ’ - omit ‘coorperated’.