🎙 Podcast: 60% Improved Vision, In One Year

Caffeine fueled Jake, here.

Ello! :wave:

We (regal we) had a chat with Al the other day, about his decision to quit his glasses subscription.

That’s right, The Shortsighted Podcast, still lives!

Al is a paramedic, surfer, into sports and nutrition science, and also the type of serious guy I’m surprised manages to deal with all the off-topic ranting and obscure jokery that is the endmyopia site.

Seriously. As we were talking, I was sort of embarrassed.

Like … geez Jake, these are serious people. Looking for answers. And here you are, abusing your vague notion of an insight to drag them through all of your terrible digressions and rants, just to get simple answers. That was going through my head, of how really it is probably time to stop fcking around all of the time, all over the place. (and that’s the thread title, me cringing both at my own ineptitude at hosting a podcast, as well as being such a fckup running this otherwise fascinating topic)

Luckily we have a Wiki now, allowing more people to skip some of that.

(killing my buzz, @NottNott … giving people straight answers is the very bane of my existence)

Regardless, also felt humbled to be able to be part of Al’s journey, and super glad he was on for a chat. Check it out:


His use of plus notation for cylinder made his myopia look worse, as most of us are used to the minus notation. So his original Rx was -1.75, -2.25 and -2.25, -1 in minus notation. But it is encouraging that he cleared as much astigmatism as he did…

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Astigmatism, also myopia - albeit directional. If anything, the improvement is more dramatic for involving that much cylinder.

Or if we’re going to be honest, it’s just a tiny bit of spherical myopia and I should actually delete the episode.

No way! For us astigmatics this is very encouraging indeed. Perhaps just titled more accurately. :grinning:

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I think it’s pretty accurate.

Welcome to make better content anytime. As much as I enjoy the certainty of a critique of every single post or thing I ever write. Super fun.


Finally got around to listening to it, a very nice one! Another surfer, I’m starting to believe it is almost as important as a beard to make 20/20 gainz. (Though it unironically is. Removing so much cylinder in a year is no easy feat without a serious outdoor activity.)
Would’ve loved to hear more about some of the non-conventional decisions he’d had to make with such a high cyl/sph ratio but this is so encouraging!

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I am pretty curious about this as well.