Podcast add-on/status update - Laurens

Hi there fine folks, I finally got around to recording a small add-on and status update that I’ve been meaning to do since the podcast with Jake happened. Not much new stuff going on that hasn’t passed through here yet, but still, it makes for a more complete story:


Very good timing. I just watched your podcast with Jake today. Thank you for sharing your experience and advice. Very well presented.

I agree 100% about the sleep, outdoor time, vitamin D and Covid19 vaccine especially.


Thanks for the update, Laurens. As far as sleep, D3, outdoor time, real food and vaccines are concerned, you are preaching to the converted here. At my age I get offered the flu vaccine free of charge, and I have always ignored it. It will be the same for a covid-19 vaccine, and I sincerely hope it will not become compulsory.


Laaaaaauuuuuurens. Totally overdue. Or not at all overdue. But good to see. :blush: :+1:


Great update!

I am certainly not an anti-vaxxer - I think vaccines are amazing - but I must admit, what you said about a possible Covid vaccine… It had entered my mind too, especially early on when the news and media were talking about it as though even though they had never managed a vaccine for any other corona virus, this time they would, and it could be through within months.

It does make me wonder how many safety corners would they be willing to cut, how much testing would be overlooked… I would love a Covid vaccine, but not one that is rushed and pushed through before it ought to be merely because we want to feel safe now. I don’t want to just feel safe, I would like to actually be safe. And Big Pharma are for sure more interested in profits than health. I wonder whether that sort of waiver/indemnity is par for the course? Do all vaccines come with those sorts of disclaimers? Or is it specifically something being asked for in this case?

Yay for real, unprocessed food!
Not so yay for my 5 hours of sleep last night… :roll_eyes:


I think it is common for all Vaccines.

There is a reason that pharma companies are increasingly interested in vaccines:

  1. Procedure for regular medicines is tedious (for pharma companies): double blind tests & all the other procedures that they need to fulfill for regular medicines. And people can file legal cases on them for any injuries or side-effects caused by medicines. It is a costly procedure to make & market these medicines. And there is no guarantee that they will sell. And stats & studies are showing that almost all these medicines have just too many side-effects.
  2. Anti-biotic resistance: anti-biotics are one thing that worked like magic in allopathy. So, they were used like candies. That has built up Anti-biotic resistance in people. Now, anti-biotics have stopped being as effective.
  3. indemnity on vaccines: I think pharma companies are legally not accountable for vaccine injuries in most countries. (Though, I remember reading somewhere that there is a tribunal in US to address injuries caused by Vaccine. But, even then, it is not the pharma company responsible, but I think it is US Govt that takes the responsibility for injury and pays compensation. And most people don’t even know that such a tribunal exists in US). In most countries, Vaccines come with indemnity. I think you can’t file a legal case on pharma company or demand financial compensation for any injuries caused by Vaccines.
  4. No tests on vaccines: Vaccines don’t go through any double blind test or any other complicated tests (that medicines go through) to see if they actually do what they claim to do. So, taking any vaccine is like playing a Russian roulette.

So, obviously, it makes financial sense for a pharma company to invest in vaccines than a medicine. That’s the reason for so many new Vaccines being introduced into the market in last 30 yrs.


Supposedly, Corona is a RNA virus. It is not possible to make any vaccine or medicine that can prevent RNA virus. The only solution is to boost immunity & take some general cures (that work on most flu & cold).


They still are, particularly in meat (yes, even in your “grass-fed, organic” cows. And due to a process called “concentration,” it means that animals consuming the meat of these beasts get higher doses of the remainder.

It’s a problem the meat and dairy trade associations refuse to discuss. But there’s no other way to keep these animals together under the conditions they do (the the opposite of what we’re doing with social distancing to keep ourselves safe).


Thanks for taking the time to respond so thoroughly. I will take that on board.

Interesting. I didn’t know this. Taking care of our health is always important, and doing what we can to work with our body is always good.


Ha ha ha they Legos movie song.
I would jusy like to put out that Del Bigtree has been covering the information on this virus and can be found at thehighwire.com Lots of information there and especially on the vaccine. If you would like more in depth information on any vaccine he will be archiving information at brighteon.com
In the US we had several doctors go to the capitol building for a press conference speaking about how they had helped patients by using treatment before they were hospitalized. All the platforms have been deleting this information. One Dr. even treated patients at a elder home and had a high success rate of survivng patients. He said 2 passed away but that they had passed away from other complications. The censorship of information also caused Del Bigtrees YouTube account to be deleted.
There is no liability for vaccines in the US due to the 1986 Act. for anything on the CDC schedule. The Covid vaccine will also share no liability because it was declared a pandemic. But Del Bigtree made a move to pressure the FDA to require a saline placebo for this current vaccine trial and it has been pushed forward so it may change the outcome of that vaccine. For sure it will be the firat time that the placebo requires a saline injection. But there is more to learn from the highwire it just make take a little time for them to put it all on brighteon.com


Have a look here (it’s in English):

Deleted within two days after going viral. Dr. Zelenko’s protocol is working and the media is censored the moment this gets out. If you add bromhexin to the equation you get death rates below 1%…


I know I’ll rebel and refuse. I also know many people that’ll resist too. If we do that en mass they’ll have change their stance. You can’t force a big portion of the population.


Ayurveda (in Gujarat, India) has cured 207 people of 213 within 7 days. From covid positive to negative. (Zero mortality). (It was reported in newspapers).

Dr Biswaroop Roy has treated 5000 patients from covid positive to negative in 3 days using his flu diet. Zero mortality & zero money.

The Govts seem to be in bed with pharma to implement Vaccines. Otherwise, there are lot of cures for this. And most people seem to be naturally resilient also to this virus.


They can’t get a working flu shots in all these years. But, they will find a working vaccine for covid which has the same symptoms?

Look up the failure rate of flu shots… :rofl:


Ivor Cummins stuff on COVID is great! Everyone should check it out.


Yep that video went around the world and the fact that it is getting deleted has mad a lot of people think twice about why. So many wrong methods were used in the US and the drug was cheap. Usually it is the homepaths and natural paths that are censored.


Not entirely true. It hasn’t been done in humans, but the same family of viri affects dogs, and they have a vaccine: https://www.merck-animal-health-usa.com/dp/4

It is the other class of corona virus (I forget which is A and which is B) but there totally is a corona virus vaccine.

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Vaccine is not possible for RNA virus (Corona is RNA virus supposedly). To understand what happens if you mess with RNA, look up Talidomide.

There is such a trial going on right now for COVID-19 vaccine in my city. We are a small city but we have a research hospital working on this. The FDA doesn’t allow any medicine to go out to market without some proof that it’s more effective or has fewer side effects than the currently available treatment (which at the moment is placebo).

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Apparently, Vaccines don’t go through same rigorous trials that medicines have to go through. From top of my head, no double blind studies for Vaccines…

So, it is much more easier to get approval for Vaccines than medicines. Even this corona vaccine was initiated just one year ago. I am guessing that to make a medicine and get approval for it would take about 5-10 yrs. And no indemnity for medicines while indemnity is granted to Vaccines.