Podcast Ideas - Should We Make This?

So there are a few things percolating in the background.

  1. “Podcast” style episodes with those who have posted or shared improvement reports. People always want to know more how they did it, and this should be a nice way to bring things into a conversation.

We’ve talked about this since a while back, just taking me a bit to get things into an actual schedule. I think we’ll be able to start this in the coming weeks, finally.

  1. Talks with myopia related professionals. Optometrists, lens sellers, etc. I have a small list who are open for a chat, so that’s also circling the schedule.

And the bigger one, I keep thinking about …

  1. An actual podcast, of our own. Mainly I’m thinking about having people on who have found interesting ways to spend time. I follow paraglider pilots and divers and travelers and all kinds of random interesting people on Youtube, so interesting what people come up with.

Sports, hobbies, extreme things, less extreme things, anything you might be curious about, possibly adding some motivation to explore new past times.

Question is, whether that’s worth exploring further. Time wise I can do all of the above at about one a week, so no massive undertaking there. But maybe somebody is already doing great adventure podcasts, and I just don’t know about it.



I really am intrigued by all these suggestions. I’m not aware of any “adventure” podcasts out there following your description. I greatly benefit from any discussion about distance vision related hobbies since it’s so motivating to do these things lens free.

As for 1 and 2! I’m very for these ideas also. Id love to hear some Q&A type stuff with people who have gotten back to 20/20 or have had vast improvement.
I find the idea of talking with optometrist and lens sellers very exciting. I would definitely stream in to a weekly podcast.
All these ideas are worth investing in.


In one hand I thinks all of them sounds interesting, I think the second one has the most potential, but most likely the third one which will really catch people. On the other hand I don’t really like the podcast format, so most likely I won’t watch them (but totally share / like them :wink: ). On the third hand podcasts are the rave nowadays, so yeah, do it (in my opinion).

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Good idea. Some of the people who have interviewed you might be open to being a guest on yours.

Also, there’s various reports of people improving vision from things like the Keto diet. Perhaps we can help clarify why. I just heard one one YouTube from Dr Ken Berry called 9 “9 Surprising benefits of the Keto Diet.”

I’m definitely willing to be on with you as well if you want to interview some kitten’s.


Go for it Jake! :muscle: I get the sense that #3 is what really grabs you - if so that alone is enough reason to do it. Every great podcast starts small because somebody loved the idea so much that they just couldn’t bear to not do it.

Some, like Lazlo Montgomery’s China History Podcast, never get huge but have a devoted following going back a decade. Others catch fire and start to take off, and others are somewhere in the middle, like Peter Attia’s The Drive. But all the great podcasts are for the love of it.

There have also been some fantastic short-run podcast series, so it’s not a forever commitment. Just start and see where it goes.

If you’re launching this thing I’m happy to help out, since I’ve recently restructured my work life to be 50-70% Silicon Valley consulting and advising, and the rest held open for projects that bring more joy and meaning to my life. (And those touch all the sorts of things you’re talking about - travel, languages, biohacking, neurohacking, snowboarding and mountain biking in faraway places, etc…)


I like all 3. I’ve dropped a whole diopter and I’m still trying. If the podcast will be offered in a replay that would be great because I away from my home 12-1/2 hours every day and don’t have a lot of free time. It would be great to find an eye doctor and specialist that agree with you that myopia can be reversed to be on your podcast.