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As a podcast-obsessed hermit I am excited to see @jakey making more rounds in the pod-o-shere. Knowing how vast this pod-scape can be, I think it might be a good idea to crowdsource the collective experience of this forum to narrow down the best podcasts to target for optimal unicorn farming. So here are some of my suggestions of podcasts that may be interested in this kind of content:

Wise Traditions - Holistic Nutrition and Medicine
This would be my #1 suggestion because they are all about natural methods of healing. In fact they had an episode early on with a Bates practitioner. They are associated with the Weston A. Price Foundation which I know some people in this forum have referenced with regards to other health issues.

Ben Greenfield Fitness - Alternative Sports Biohacking
Here is a man that will try just about anything to see if it works (including irradiating his own genitalia). He does have a pretty big following, so I would reserve this one for when Jakes podcasting level is over 9000.

Mark Bell’s Power Project - Self improvement for meatheads
These guys run with the same crowds as the Human Performance Outliers Podcast which is how I found endmyopia early this year. While they usually have in person interviews, they do occasionally have skype interviews. They recently had the snake diet guy on which tells me they are open for interviewing smaller and more controversial internet figures. They are also fun loving guys, so I think they will get Jake’s sense of humor. This is a relatively new podcast so it would be a good ramp up to other podcasts.

Tin Foil Hat - Funny Intro to Conspiracies
If Jake is willing to play up the conspiracy side of the eyeglass industry, this would garner the interest of people who are not as interested in diet/biohacking.

Primal Edge Health - Natural Health and Nutrition with a focus on corporate influence on our diet
This is more of a youtube channel than a podcast, but it dwells in the vein of natural health improvement. He spends a lot of his time exposing the corporate forces that have changed the way we eat over the decades.

If anyone wants to reply with other suggestions, be sure to check the following link for which podcasts have already been done.
Jakey Podcast Apearances


Great idea!

Also worth noting, mainly sticking to smaller sized podcasts for now. Still working out chatting with people in this format, learning how to be a good guest, and other details - like Internet speeds here, locations that work well, etc.

Keep the suggestions coming! Also if you happen to have contacts, that tends to help a lot. Many podcasts get inundated with requests and the gatekeepers are quick at removing things they don’t immediately see as a match.

Joe Rogan Experience (Banana for scale) | ~1,600,000

Wise Traditions | ~3,100

Ben Greenfield | ~46,200

Mark Bell’s Power Project | ~2,320

Tin Foil Hat | ~13,300

Primal Edge Health | ~2,000 but has ~131,000 YouTube subscribers

Subscriber stats from Podcast Addict

You’re a legend. I’ll contact these myself (thinking to wait for the redesign to go through, maybe make a slightly better first impression). :slight_smile: