Podcast with a Friend about Healing My Eyesight

Hi Endmyopians,

My friend Arabella just started a podcast called ‘Stories of Healing’ and she invited me to be a guest to talk about my eyesight improvement journey. Thought some of you might be interested:

Stories of Healing: Eyesight

I don’t think I was as clear as I would’ve liked regarding certain things, but the audience was meant to be general and not specific to those wanting to improve eyesight. I linked to endmyopia for further reading.

Would love to hear your thoughts if you get a chance to listen!



Nice episode! And I really like this concept of healing stories :smile: best of luck to your friend!


Clicked the link then saw your site

I’m looking at this post about dental hygeine. here How to Remove Calculus (Tartar) and Reverse Gingivitis Naturally with Coconut Oil : LIAM CHAI You say " * After swishing you can lightly brush your teeth (with no toothpaste) to start shaking off any softened plaque" What’s up with this? Should you brush after or naw or it doesn’t matter or what

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Just caught this. Quite interesting.


I don’t think it matters so much, just seems to help with speeding the process up a bit for loosening bits earlier.

@jakey thanks for listening to it!