Point of no return?

October 1 was the 5 1/2 year mark for me. My 20/40 no glasses still isn’t quite consistent enough to try and knock the DMV test yet, but I do think that I’ve hit the point of no return.

About August of 2018, I was -1.00, and I got to a point where I felt like I was fighting with the lenses. I reduced to -0.75. About three weeks ago, I ordered -0.50 because I hit that point with -0.75. Even though I wasn’t wearing them much, the gap between -0.75 and no glasses was still too big. My no glasses vision was too inconsistent and had too much blur to be full time without glasses.

When I got the -0.50, they gave me that tiny bit of support I was looking for. But, after about 10 days with them, I just didn’t want to wear them anymore. Again, I felt like I was fighting with them. So, going forward, except on an as needed basis, I’m going without glasses. This will be interesting as the light decreases, but over the past 3 days, I seem to be doing pretty well.

We’ll see how long it takes to stabilize a 20/40…


Go Matt, go!

Just remember to AF the heck out of the distance. And keep us posted!

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Will do! I’ve been at this a long time now and I pretty well active focus as a way of life at this point.


Yup. That’s the more commonly working direction of the two ways of handling the “last diopter”. Some really like going all the way down in 0.25 decrements.

More popular, around 1 diopter basically the premise of zero diopter reset but all the time. No glasses when good light and active focus is on the table, and otherwise wearing lenses that provide a nice clear easy image (without overcorrection).

And in some cases, a bit of plus for close-up. Also worth disrupting habits occasionally and taking inventory of actual effects of things. Some people realize they DO have ciliary spasm, others find some specific point where active focus starts making a real difference (I keep saying 3 hours for me, though mileage varies). It’s really about the fine tuning at this stage, a bit of experimenting.

And in some, sooome cases, plus for close-up.


Which lenses do you use to drive at night?
I am in the last diopter fight and all becomes very blurry again in the evening. Your post is so uplifting!


Yes Matt! Stories like yours are the ultimate doubt buster. Very good to see you so close to 20/20 :slight_smile:



I tried this stuff many times over the past couple of years. As I look back, my problem was that I pushed myself into low diopter glasses before I was ready and I’ve had to simply give it time to be ready to take this no glasses plunge.

Now, while there’s still blur and challenge remaining, I just can’t wear glasses for more than a few minutes before they start to bother me, so I really have no choice but to go for it.

I’d like to spend a few months letting this settle and see where I am before dabbling in plus.


At night, I keep both -1 and -1.25 handy. -1 works just fine when I’m driving around where I live. If I’m out of town, I like a little extra correction.


Thanks! I’ve certainly had my own periods of doubt. I should probably do a video on that. At this stage, I’m really just reaching the point where I trust that my no glasses vision is going to consistently and predictably work. Prior to now, it would work sometimes, but others I couldn’t reasonably predict.

Just stay consistent and be patient!


What was your highest ever presciption? I mean it’s great that you’re getting back to no glasses, but if you started at -1.5 D it’s not such a big journey as for a lot of us :slight_smile:

-5.00 / -4.00:


Are you using plus lenses at times?
I am struggling a bit with the concept. I would be worry to mess up with my focal plan by using lenses I don’t need while trying to get rid of the lenses I do need. I understand what it does but I am not a big fan. What do you think? Are you doing it and if yes does it have a big impact on your progress? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m on and off with them. They seemed to help me break through the - 1.00 to -0.75 plateau last year. Recently, I’ve been focusing more on peripheral awareness during closeup and taking breaks to make sure I don’t overdo the closeup. I’m off plus lenses right now.

I may try again in the future, but right now things are working well. I wish I had a magic bullet. I can just say it’s 5 1/2 years of living the habits, experimenting, and staying patient.


Congratulations! I can’t wait for that feeling of “fighting with the glasses” and realize I don’t need them :grin: on a grey day inside the house it gets really blurry. Even more reason to go out a lot during winter!
I might get a pair of plus lenses if I feel that the improvements are stuck. Thank you!


Sure thing. Indoor lighting and grey days have been one of the biggest hold ups for me. There was a long time where I could read down a snellen to 20/50 or so in good light, but indoors under fluorescent only I could barely see the big E.

Keep at it!


Great to hear all the progress and struggle and how you handled these moments. The part about trusting your eyes is a funny thing we all do. Here you had so many times proven that you’re eyes are not broken and you can see without correction. Yet you still have the doubt. I am trying to start now to tell myself I am seeing better so of course my eyes can see.

We all can do it. Every lower dioptor should prove it. GO MAT GO!

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Thanks. There’s definitely a major head game that goes on with all of this. Jake has designed the program to minimize that (20 minutes in the morning without glasses, then use them and notice the clarity, slow / steady reductions, zero diopter resets). Of course, when we do like I did and push the diopters down too fast, we can add to the doubt/confidence/trust part of the experience.

I have a few thoughts on this and would like to do a video and expand.



@MattE So how is this coming along? Are you feeling great not wearing glasses or find yourself wanting to wear them? I didn’t want to take over the peripheral topic and side track there how you’re progress is.

@Jenn it’s going great - I really don’t want to wear glasses at all. I make myself a few times a day to make sure I’m giving myself full clarity.

The main thing is, as long as I’m able to resolve some blur, even if things aren’t clearing completely, I know I’m on the right track.

Thanks for asking!

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Awesome, I try not to say I can’t wait because it is a negative and I’m refraining from speaking negative, but I don’t know another phrase just yet!

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