Polarised lenses worth it?

Just bought sunglasses with polarised lenses. Do the polarised lenses make a difference and is it needed?

Regarding Endmyopia they don’t do anything. They are good though for reducing glare.

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Thanks halmadavid! Could I also wear them for closeup? For some reason I really find them relaxing for closeup activity. I know someone warned me about sunglasses dilating pupils but my sunglasses have 100 percent UV protection

If you want to see the difference they make, go outside on a sunny day and tilt your head from side to side. You will see a lot of reflections / sources of light get suppressed. It’s especially pronounced when looking at a body of water.

You probably won’t be able to wear them for looking at computer screens because depending on the angle (again, tilt your head from side to side to see the effect) it can black out LCD screens entirely.

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What about non polarised sunglasses for closeup?