📊 Poll: The capitalisation of 'EM' (endmyopia, Endmyopia, EnDmYoPiA...)

Vote on what you think the best capitalisation is.

  • endmyopia
  • Endmyopia
  • EndMyopia
  • endMyopia
  • End Myopia

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I’m coming out with so many great threads recently :slight_smile:

The site has currently gone for a mix of endmyopia and Endmyopia if I’m not mistaken. I think small details like this matter more than people think.

Definitely hesitated about posting this because it’ll probably definitely come off as irrelevant. With that said, different capitalisations give off different impressions. ‘endmyopia’ sounds more like an Apple product, ‘endMyopia’ sounds like you’re doing something really technical (with programmer camelCase), EndMyopia seems rigid, strict like, Endmyopia is just normal and having two words make it sound like a call to action instead of a website. What’s the best capitalisation for the site? …just trying to justify this thread’s purpose… just vote and move on… :grimacing:

EDIT: How could I forget EnDmYoPiA? I can’t edit that onto the poll… the EnDmYoPiAnS will have to fight for dominance with replies then, sorry!


Capital letters are for proper nouns, and neither end nor myopia are proper nouns, so I favour endmyopia as writing it like this will result in a lot more people being attracted to the site, whereas writing it any other way will drive people away from it in droves.

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For titles, you should capitalize it. To me, EndMyopia seems correct for the purposes of the site.

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Good one! Luckily as usual I can’t offer any official guidance here.

I won’t bring this up to the lawyer either who is dealing with the official trademark application right now (he will probably either murder me, or just murder me with another giant bill if I bring up capitalizations). :smiley:


Surely the official guidance is implied through the use of ‘Endmyopia’ and ‘endmyopia’? On the website I counted 2 Endmyopias, 2 endmyopias, 2 ENDMYOPIAS. Courses page, one Endmyopia one endmyopia. Rough guide page: 14 endmyopias, one Endmyopia. Searching the YouTube channel, everything is Endmyopia, haven’t seen a single endmyopia yet. :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:.

I edited this together in 17 minutes and 51 seconds for fun:


At 18 votes, 7 votes for EndMyopia and 7 for Endmyopia. Only 2 for endmyopia. Market research…? :thinking:

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Way too much time on your hands? :laughing:


It’s not like I have exams around the corner or anything… oh wait :eyes:


I didn’t vote, because I miss the most logical one: I’d make the e and m bold

I think it won’t display here, let’s see…

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Oh, it did❣️

Doesn’t look good though




end! Myopia! <- this one reads like end my opium now… :see_no_evil::joy:

Actually, now I think the one above isn’t that bad!

I think a lot of kittehs, including me, don’t see the meaning behind the words at first glance. Apart from English not Bein my first language - I’ve just never heard Myopie as it’s called in my own language ever before finding EM.
It just wasn’t a word to me. It was something I had to remember how to write if I told others about the homepage.
One day then, it did sink in :joy:

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Hi fellow Procrastination pro :joy::kissing_heart:

I found my favourite:

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You’re like an insurance safety net for my wacky threads… there’s always someone to appreciate the irrelevant lunacy! :star_struck:

My next thread will be about guru smoking pipes, and which types will harness eye chakras to improve your vision faster.


Nothing like procrastination to make you super productive at everything else.

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A new noun - Endmyopia … easier to type quickly without having to press the Shift/Caps lock key :wink:

EM for shorthand or logo… but if you want to go for full expansion of acronym… End Myopia.

Either way domain names are generally lowercase…

Full name: Endmyopia
Logo/Shorthand: EM
Website: endmyopia.org

As a community we could call ourselves Endmyopians :laughing: :


On the road to Emmetropia!

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The Emmetropia Trail

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I’ll vote for something rebellious, how about a total name and franchise change:

Mendmyopia? We’re going to mend our myopia? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or we could make it into a cult and call it Amendmyopia :rofl:


I thought it already was a cult.


On the emmetropic trail to the cult of AMendmyopia