Poor kids getting glasses for free

“The academic improvements seen after one year were not sustained over two years. Researchers suspect this could be a result of students wearing their glasses less over time, possibly due to losing or breaking them.”

Or, vision got worse after 1 year over-prescription? Poor kids

Very sad


I feel a little bit bad that I will produce a pile of trash glasses with my endmyopia journey. But sure as hell am not going to donate them. :no_mouth:


Look at the bright side, at least they will boost their academic performance :joy:.

I had mixed feelings, but I’ve concluded that I will be donating my glasses.

I’ll start with an analogy. On the one hand, I feel strongly about motor minimalism. I wouldn’t want to give someone a car, even if it was second-hand (though I’m not sure how I’d end up with a car in my possession in the first place). Except I think people with mobility limitations (eg you use a wheelchair and the sidewalks are terrible or nonexistent and buses stop at 6pm because who would use a bus for anything other than going to your city’s business district?) should have access to motor vehicles if they need them, even though they should have better options.

Cars are bad for people - for our mental and physical health - as well as for the rest of the natural environment. Glasses are bad for our eyes. But I live in a world where the society and infrastructure is built around motor vehicles. And likewise, around overprescribed glasses.

So if I think disabled people/people with physical disabilities should get a theoretical used car that I didn’t want or need or think should even exist in the first place, I think the same applies to kids with myopia. Because those kids are living in a world where nobody is telling them about End Myopia, and they still need to be able to see the blackboard.