Post EM Floaters Anxiety

So basically I like a lot of other people started experiencing new floaters (or noticed them) some time after starting this, about a month ago I woke up and noticed two large hair like floaters, one in each eye and so far they haven’t shown much of a sign of going away, sometimes they look like they’re sitting a bit lower than usual but otherwise I doubt they changed. I’m guilty of trying to get AF the strained way especially at first but after the first week or two I managed to get it with a blink that’s slightly harder than a normal gentle one followed by widening my eyes a bit, that aside I started doing some regular left-right eye movement to see how that would affect my astigmatism, could those have contributed towards it? I didn’t stop doing either of those afterwards and didn’t have an increase in the floaters though as of a couple days ago I started practicing a more relaxed and gentle style of active focus that gives smaller results and sometimes doesn’t activate at all or takes a while but I don’t feel any strain doing it.

They’ve been a source of major anxiety for me as I fear they either won’t go away or I might end up with more of them later, if anyone has had an increase after starting EM did you find they gradually became less noticeable or even went away after a while? I did get my eyes checked and nothing is out of the ordinary so I’m clear of any possible diseases being the cause.

The number of floaters for me as increased over my lifetime, I first noticed one when I was a child and thought it looked pretty cool haha, a little wormy thing like a bunch of transparent cells stuck together in a line to form a worm. I never bothered mentioning it to anyone, so never had it checked, but have been to the optometrist pretty regularly since getting my 1st pair of glasses at around 9 or 10 and had eye checks, and they never told me I had anything to worry about. Haven’t been back for several years now since starting EM though, can’t be bothered trying to explain to them how my vision has improved and that no I don’t want to be sold a $500 pair of glasses.

I now have quite a few floaters, not sure if they have increased since doing EM or not, but I don’t really notice them anymore unless I’m looking at the blue sky or some other similar background like a white wall or something. I think your brain just filters them out most of the time.

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Since starting EM 1.5 years ago I had 2 occasions where floaters suddenly increased. I had 2 originally anyway, Small ones. Then immediately after starting AF practice next day I had 3-4 new ones. 6 months later after learning proper distance AF it happened again, a smaller increase this time of 2 New ones. They haven’t gone away. But you do get used to them so they bother you less

Unless you have a shower of new ones it’s usually not to worry about just annoying

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I wouldn’t mind small ones, I’m flustered mostly because the new ones are both rather large and appear often, drifting in the direction I look and then disappearing afterwards, I don’t enjoy going out on a walk much anymore especially during the day, I don’t know if mine are gonna stick around forever or eventually sink down or dissolve but in any case I sure hope some method or medication or something becomes available for them eventually.

My grandmother said she experienced this a while ago and after being assured there’s nothing wrong going on inside her eyes she eventually didn’t notice them anymore and they went away, I guess I should try not to bother tracking them often.

I can’t really imagine them going away, but maybe, who knows. Your brain definitely gets better at filtering them out though, so you notice them less.

Also, there is laser treatment available, where they zap the floaters with a laser that has an energy profile focussed in a triangle so it can be aimed in 3D not just 2D to not hit your retina

I read they can drift out of view over time, so while they won’t technically be actually gone if you don’t see them anymore than I guess it won’t really matter? or if your brain just gets better at filtering them out as you said.

And yeah I read about the laser therapy, if the floaters are either too close to the retina or lens they’re risky to treat that way and if the doctor isn’t good enough at it they can apparently miss and cause damage, though maybe not since the laser ends at a point rather than going in a straight line. For the time being I’m avoiding any type of AF that would cause strain, I’d rather avoid making the floaters worse.

I would not let anyone anywhere near my eyes with a laser unless absolutely necessary, which floaters for the most part are not.

Keep doing AF, just do it gently

Yeah that’s the plan moving forward, I’m hoping the floaters will settle with time… I don’t want to cause more of them either way.