Posting Hiatus for Matt

Hi fellow EM students and @jakey!

I continue to enjoy following your posts and comments on the forum. I hadn’t posted much for a while and will likely disappear for a bit. My wife and I are getting ready to welcome child number three into our family, so we’ll be busy and time doing much here will have to go until life settles back down.

I continue in the long slow plateau of my last diopter, but have recently read 20/20 without glasses on an outdoor Snellen Chart. Hopefully, once I have some more time, I will have sorted out my non-dominant eye and have improved no-glasses vision indoor as well.

Thanks for your support and I’ll keep reading your posts!


good luck matt!


Yay for new kids! See you again when you’re ready. :grimacing:


Congrats!! That is exciting :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, check in when you can.

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Thanks! @jakey, yeah, I’ll post or video again sometime. EM seems to be down into my DNA now…

@Lloydmom thanks, I sure will check in!