Presbyopia - Is this the right website for me

I’m new here. I have presbyopia and am 71 years old. Have had increased + SPH for the past 20 years (along with astigmatism and NV-add). Not sure if I can use the resources at endmyopia for this supposedly age related problem.
Any suggestions?

well, if you have zero myopia I guess you won’t be reading long enough these kind of topics to get the good habits. Good news are that if you have no myopia maybe you already have them.

As you said, presbyopia is an age related problem (or at least it is said so and we don’t have a better explanation so we agree on that until now). The lens become less flexible and more rigid with time and you lose some near accommodation, that’s theoretically a fact, but… what you can do at this point is not losing more or even getting a little bit of improvement.

For instance, if you use +2 SPH you can buy +1,75 and even if the image is no perfect maybe with a light blinking and a little bit of conscious focus you can clear that up (not all the way to clear vision but maybe a little bit at the beginning). If you are able to read better, with time (let’s say a year, just as an example, like all the other numbers) you can do another 0,25 reduction. As long as you are making improvements and not straining your eyes with too much effort.

But the main topic here is myopia. You have to know that. It’s also a good idea reading about the habits of a healthy eyesight: not too much time with screens or close up work, good quality light, etc


That’s interesting. I wonder if the lens gets more flexible again or maybe the eyeball elongates with active focus, but if it elongates myopia would start at some point.
Was this already figured out, what happens there?

Interesting. I’m reading a Dr Bates book (Bates method of better eyesight without glasses) and he said presbyopia was the first thing he cleared up for himself. Felt it was not age related. He said “ It is caused not by a hardening of the lens but by a strain to see at the near-point.” He felt that relaxing the eye, accommodation would follow.
I plan to follow the endmyopia method in reverse. I don’t believe my eyesight is broken and not fixable.
Currently, I’m at:
OD - Right (SPH) +2.00 (CYL) -0.75 Axis 95
OS - Left (SPH) +3.00 (CYL) -1.25 Axis 83
NV-ADD +2.25
I have a long way to go.

I think you need a close-up reading habit.

What plus lenses are you going to use?
Probably you dont need cyilnder correction.
I wonder if SPH Right +1.75 and SPH Left +2.75 would be too much ?
Depends on your usual reading distance.
Maybe you should try some test lenses.

Let us know, what reading distance you have and what diopters you think would work.
That’s interesting.

The forum is mainly for myopia. However, restoring accommodation skills with EM has led to improvement in presbyopia, too. Even if presbyopia has the element of eyes aging added.
And I think cyl works the same with both. So while the forum is not specifically for you, you may be able to improve your vision overall.


I have an optometrist appointment in one week from today. I’ve been using my progressive lenses for reading. I bought a pair of reading glasses at the drugstore (+ 3.25). I think they’re too strong for my right eye and too weak for the left eye. I’ll wait until after my appointment to decide on reading glasses. It’s been 2 years since I visited an optometrist.
Thanks for your input. I’ll refer to it when I make a decision on reading glasses.

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I don’t know if you can reduce your presbyopia to non-existance and I don’t want to put limited-beliefs in you mind either.

I do believe you can reduce those high numbers thou. Learn the myopia process here and I’m sure you will benefit from it.

Just remember, small steps with the changes and consistency with the good habits are the key element. Good luck!

I agree Kike. I can reduce those high numbers. I will follow the endmyopia program to see how I make out.

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When I started out with Endmyopia about 2 and a half years ago, I was using +1.50 readers (because of the presbyopia) but after the first couple reductions I didn’t need readers any more and still don’t use them. I think it is because using a reduced prescription shifts the range of your in-focus vision closer to you. The max distance that is in focus is closer but also the min distance that is in focus is closer.

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There are some eyedrops in clinical trial stage that actually soften the lens, I’m optimistic that they will actually work (UNR844) and be on the market in 2024 as a potential presbyopia cure. Topical lipoic acid choline ester eye drop for … - Nature

There are eye exercises you can do if you like that sort of thing, you can probably find a little additional accommodation by crossing your eyes.
presbyopia_chart.pdf (24.5 KB)

You can probably make your accommodation a little better with lens flippers or Hart charts. Focus on something far, and then switch and focus on something near like a book.

The stuff here on this website will make your eyesight better in general and probably have a little carryover into presbyopia. It’s sort of like if you went to a weightlifting gym, would it make you a better skier? Not exactly, but as a practical matter more strength and better balance will only help you.

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I had my (new) optometrist visit yesterday.

6/27/16 glasses R +1.75 SPH cyl -1.00 axis 92
Add:+2.50 L +2.75 SPH cyl -1.25 axis 79
Readers: = R +4.25 SPH L +5.25 SPH same cyl, axis

4/30/19 glasses R +2.00 SPH cyl -0.75 axis 95
Add+2.25 L +3.00 SPH cyl -1.25 axis 83
Readers: = R +4.25 SPH L +5.25 SPH same cyl, axis

9/20/21 R +2.50 SPH cyl -1.25 axis 77
Add+2.00 L +3.00 SPH cyl -1.00 axis 80
Readers: = R +4.50 SPH L +5.00 same cyl, axis

I can see 20/25 with my 4/30/19 glasses (progressive) and 20/25 with my 6/27/16 glasses (progressive). Without glasses I see: R 20/80, L 20/100 B 20/80.
My question is: Since I can see 20/25 with my old glasses, for readers do I use my 4/30/19 glasses and the 4/30/19 cyl and axis and work down from there or, go with the newest readings yesterday, adjust the SPH downward with corrected axis and work down from there?

I plan to use 4/30/19 prescription for reading glasses unless someone sees something I’m missing.

It sounds like you’re hyperopic with some astigmatism in addition to the presbyopia. For me, I was able to get my astigmatism down to zero using the methods here, so I’d guess you could at least dial that back. I believe the lens softening drops will eventually work on the presbyopia (not commercially available yet.) So at least the astigmatism and presbyopia are probably fixable in the not-too-distant future.

I don’t know if you can use the same principles here that reverse myopia to reverse hyperopia (probably could). Instead of “text pushing” you’d be wanting to pull the screen a little closer, do more near work instead of less (?) spend lots of time on your smartphone (??) You could try reducing the amount of correction used use a little bit and challenge your focus at near every day.

It sounds like you actually want to make your eyes longer to move in the desired direction (more myopia means less hyperopia). The trick would be making that happen without inducing a bunch of eyestrain. If you get it working you could conceivably keep reducing your correction until you’re emmetropic. I don’t know if the rate of change would be at one diopter per year or not. I would think that walking around outside with slightly reduced correction would stimulate the emmetropization process. Your brain should recognize that there’s some hyperopic defocus and start making the necessary adjustments.

I wonder if some of the hyperopia is lens-induced. If they keep over-correcting you, your eyes keep adapting to stronger plus lenses each year, and then the next year you get even stronger plus lenses. If it was lens-induced I would guess that the methods here would probably work for you. You’d want to see if you can get by with a slight undercorrection and see clearly through that, and then after several months, lower the correction a quarter diopter, etc.

There have been several articles published over many decades with titles like “The Neglected Hyperope”. It’s kind of under-studied and under-researched because hyperopes can pass vision screening at school and work until they get old and presbyopia starts kicking in, which is when they get eyeglasses.