Prescription glasses

Can anyone tell me whether you can still see through your Prescription glasses after your eyes improve? for example if you start at -7 and progress to -5 will you still be able to see through the -7 glasses? or would they be blurry? or just feel too strong?

This. This is also the moment you become an EM convert too, because the glasses you used to wear for years and years with no problem are now unbearable and can’t be worn at all.


Been wearing my differentials for a few weeks now, waiting on my normalised ones to arrive, and now when I have to wear my actual prescription glasses for driving or watching TV, it feels so uncomfortable. I got a headache after wearing them most of the day recently. My cms have increaseda bit since I started wearing Differentials in March, but I can still see clearly with the Prescription glasses, they just feel strong.


Welcome to the club :laughing:

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At close up, I just feel the screen to be “disturbingly close” to my face. Any concentration on a close point is impossible.
At distance: Additional -0.5D gives super sharp vision. Additional -0.75 or -1D gives too sharp vision. Above that my eyes feel blocked to move into focus. Feels like when you try to move your arm but it’s in plaster.