Print pushing without glasses

I know this question has been asked many times.
As a high myope like myself around -7s with low astigs,

I wonder if practicing AF without glasses while looking at large printed fonts on a piece of paper at around 40-50 cm distance is helpful.

Note: I know it is recommended to get differentials and AF at a 60 cm distance but i find that going without glasses relaxes my eyes a whole lot

Personally, I do can only do push active focus (print pushing) at this point, and I usually do it without glasses as well.

However, my preferred distance is around 20cm or so (when I’m focusing on my non-dominant eye) or around 28 cm when focusing on my dominant eye. My diopter gap is too wide to be able to do any kind of binocular active focus without glasses.

I don’t know if 40-50cm will work though since you’re always going to be getting some blur with that, even with large text. I would think it would be too much blur at -7D, but that isn’t for me to say. It may be better to try using your differentials, but if you’re getting eye strain, that isn’t going to help. But that also suggests the differentials may not be tuned correctly or your eyes aren’t used to them yet.

Trying to do push AF with my glasses on works a bit, but I’m pretty sure it is only my dominant eye that is getting the effect unless I’m patching my dominant eye, which I try to do a few times a week to give my non-dominant eye some stimulus as well.