Printing a 12 pt page from computer

The paper that I had been using to do daily measurements ( followed someone’s suggestion a number of years ago and printed a small text segment and taped to a metal measuring) has faded and went I attempted to print a new one, it did not come out exactly the same size. Now I am not sure which is accurate and could not find any instructions online to determine accuracy. Amy suggestions?

The important thing is when you print, to always make sure that you’ve turned off any settings options in the print dialogue that are like “fit to page”. Keep the scaling to “original” or 100%. Those should give you the truest image size that you can get with a home printer.

It doesn’t sound like you’re printing an eye chart, or I could tell you how to measure that for accuracy. It sounds more like you’re just looking for the reference text you are using for your daily cm measurements. In that case, the size of the text isn’t as important as the clarity since you’re just trying to find the edge of blur.

Personally, I use a professional-quality Jaeger eye chart that is used for close-up vision tests by opticians. It is very sturdy, well-printed, and the serif letters offer a lot of edges and such to use for comparing blur. But I have also used regular text on my computer monitor since it works just as well if it is high enough resolution.

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Thank you for your response

No, this isn’t a Snellen chart, but a bit of text that I printed, cut out glued to an index card, cut it down and attached it to a retractable measuring tape, which I then use every morning to measure cm. I want to continue. being consistant.