Prisms & learning to get used to seeing differently


I’m not sure if I previously shared this with you but it is about changes in prism. It’s about learning to be functional with the visual shifts caused by wearing prisms. With the same essence of how you might have heard people can learn to be functional with glasses that make them see upside down. So, it doesn’t tell you how to work on your eyes so that you don’t have to rely on prisms. But there might still be value to learning how they taught people to function with prisms.

my TLDW on what Huberman says: “The power of incremental learning - Studies have shown that large changes in prism, youth tend to shift quickly in a matter of days. For older people the shift takes much longer and most of the time the complete shift doesn’t happen. However, if instead they made the shifts be small steps at a time and incrementally stack small errors over time. Basically, the takeaway is that incremental learning is essential for adults. Smaller bouts of learning for smaller bits of information. It is a mistake to try and learn a lot of information in one learning bout as an adult.”


Here’s an interesting lecture and demonstration vision therapy for concussion patients. (Lots of demonstrations with prisms). The Impact of Concussion on Vision | Wow Vision Therapy - YouTube


Bruh that video is 90 minutes long. Seems like there’s cool stuff going on though

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Watch it at 2x speed and it’s only 45 minutes long…